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Updates to User Reviews
Today we are announcing changes to User Reviews as part of the broader site update announcement (
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Updates to Title Reference View
Please note: this message is about the Title Reference View, an advanced, opt-in setting, which is only used by a subset of select users....
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Reviews: Add alphabetic listing of user reviews
With the new "improvements" to the page you have taken away the alphabetical listing of user reviews. The only option now is a scroll-dow...
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I do not know if IMDb managers ever considered that this site is continuously used by scholars from all over the world. Every time I am d...
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Screenwriting credit gone decades back / No alternative for original title
First, why the screenwriting credit has gone under the producer's? IMDb was one of the few sites that listed screenwriters after the dire...
  • Edgar Soberón Torchia, 12 months ago

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