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Updates to User Reviews
Today we are announcing changes to User Reviews as part of the broader site update announcement (
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alphabetic listing of user reviews, as it used to be
With the new "improvements" to the page you have taken away the alphabetical listing of user reviews. The only option now is a scroll-dow...
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Updates to Title Reference View
Please note: this message is about the Title Reference View, an advanced, opt-in setting, which is only used by a subset of select users....
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I do not know if IMDb managers ever considered that this site is continuously used by scholars from all over the world. Every time I am d...
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Screenwriting credit gone decades back / No alternative for original title
First, why the screenwriting credit has gone under the producer's? IMDb was one of the few sites that listed screenwriters after the dire...
  • Edgar Soberón Torchia, 11 months ago

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