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Remove an incorrect AKA title
I have two documentary projects, one called A Cambodian Spring, (about land rights and politics in Cambodia) and one called The Cause of ...
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iPhone app not working
I have been using the app on my iPhone 5 with no problems. But they bought an update out and ever since then it won't let me access the a...
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They printed a birthday on my profile. I say a birthday because it is wrong. They refused to change it! I contacted SAG and filled a form...
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Rating Idea
I Think That The User Should Be Able To Gove Ratings In Terms Of Points Like The Official Ratings Of The IMDb. As In '6.6' or '8.9' or So...
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Delete a Page
Hello IMDB, Our client's photos/likeness is being used on a fake account that has purposely forgotten a letter in order to receive click...
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