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Updates to List Pages
Today (Dec 6) we are announcing an update to the List pages on the IMDb desktop experience. This update is part of the broader site chan...
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Updates to User Reviews
Today we are announcing changes to User Reviews as part of the broader site update announcement (
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Updates to the Ratings pages and functionality
Today we have made several updates to our Ratings pages and functionality. We have improved the design of the ratings details page to gi...
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Misspelled 2nd page needs to be Merged with Accurate page
I've discovered a 2nd page showing one of my credits,with my name misspelled.The page needs to be merged with correct page. How do I do i...
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Join the Conversation and Send Us Feedback!
We would like your feedback on something we're trying out on IMDb. On a few title pages, you'll find a section called “Join the Conversat...
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Updated FAQ Experience
We are pleased to announce the release of our updated IMDb FAQ. As of today, we are improving the look & feel of the FAQ, bringing the ex...
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