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Inaccurate credits
Hi, I'm Silvia Fontana, graphic designer. It's been a while that my name is labeled "uncredited" on all tv-series I did. I cannot check t...
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I think thios movie was made in the 2000s if i remember right the plot starts with a drunken guy passes out and wakes up in a sealed room...
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Duplicate (verbatim) plot summaries
Hi, everyone: As I reported in another thread on CHB, there are some titles (899 as of 24 Jun 2016) in which a very same (verbatim) plot...
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Undefined aka titles
Sometimes when a title is corrected the former title becomes an alternate title with an undefined country and attribute. When you try to ...
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Visible quotation marks
Here's a minor display issue, but I thought it was worth bringing up. The quotation marks on the title of Secular Talk are visible on th...
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