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Follow other users and be notified of their ratings and other activities on IMDb
If we just can add our friends like facebook and share our movies and ratings together I think it would be more fun and useful :) And als...
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Add notifications for changes to name/title pages
I would like a notification (an email for example) whenever an actor, writer, movie etc has an update on "his/her/it's" page, Is this pos...
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Activate Search Bar
Hi, Whenever I visit any page on imdb, I think that the search bar should automatically get selected so that one can search or write d...
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Name Pages: Hide number of episodes on name pages to avoid spoilers
Dear, I absolutely love the site. I cannot begin to praise how wonderful it is or how much it has impacted the hobby I have for...
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Lists: Share a list with specific people
I would like to share my ratings list with a few of my friends.    It doesn't look like this is possible.   Please consider it so that I ...
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Lists: Offer better selection / control for "Related Lists" feature
The related user lists for a specific movie has become useless to find similar movies to watch. Even if the movie is very special (for ex...
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Watchlist: Refine by Netflix streaming availability!
Why can't my Watchlist be refined by titles available on Netflix? This has to be the most popular streaming content source! My Watchlist ...
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ATS: Export advanced title search results to a list
The movie list resulting from an advanced title search should have the feature that I can copy the whole list to a personal list.This Lis...
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Lists: Add people to lists directly from name pages
When i want to add an actor, actress or director to my people list, i have to go and edit list and search after that i could add those pe...
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Ratings: Add a ratings system for people
I think it would be a great addition to your site if you added a rating system for directors.
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Lists: Allow subcategories in user lists
IMDB has user lists. It would be great for users to be able to further organize these lists with subcategories, that the user can insert ...
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Ratings: Import history and data from other sites
Hi IMDb team. I've been using sites for cataloguing the movies I watch for some years now, but I never started using IMDb itself. At the ...
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Recommendations: Add an ignore list to IMDb in order to exclude titles you do not want to watch
To improve efficiency for the users, it would be great if there was a list where you could add titles you do not want to see much like th...
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Name Pages: Add poster thumbnails to name pages
Hi, I was just thinking it would be a good idea to put thumbnails of the films on the actor/director/company pages. Regards, Thim
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ATS: Age considered advanced title searches
You should be able to use "advanced title search" so that you can find out what are the highest rated movies/TV shows for women 45+ ect. ...
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ATS: Make advanced search easier to find
I want to get to the full advanced search page in < 2 clicks.
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Title Pages: Show the composer on main title pages
I think that the film composer(s) name should be posted on the front page just as the director, writers, and stars names are posted. I fe...
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Lists: Add individual page links for large lists.
I have a large list.....5 pages. It would be nice if I could jump from page to page. For instance if I wanted to go from page 2 to 5 with...
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IMDb can you please set up a genre for "Gay/LGBT" movies?
IMDb can you please set up a genre for "Gay/LGBT" movies? Thank you.
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Adding Producer Credit on IMDB for a You Tube Music Video> How do I do this?
Are we allowed to post Music Videos that involve acting ? If yes, how do we do that ? It is a Youtube Video with almost 20,000 hits. ...
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