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Public/Private imdb lists
Hi all,I have set long ago my IMDB lists as public (I never changed), but approximately a month ago, my friends told me that appear as 'p...
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"Recently Viewed"
I've always had "Recently Viewed" turned off, yet now it's on for no apparent reason with no option to turn it back off. I prefer it alwa...
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Updates to List Pages
Today (Dec 6) we are announcing an update to the List pages on the IMDb desktop experience. This update is part of the broader site chan...
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Censorship, eh?
A while ago, I posted negative feedback regarding removal of character pages. Now I received an email stating that the post had been remo...
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What the title line says - I'm being asked to verify my account (and it was verified years ago), and when I try to reverify, I'm told m...
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