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David Carradine

He should be in "The Walking Dead"

Filmography by type for David Carradine

Date of Death: 3 June 2009, Bangkok, Thailand (accidental asphyxiation)

1. Mata Hari (2016) (post-production) .... Adam Zelle
2. The American Connection (2017) (completed) .... General Rusfnar
3. Night of the Templar (2013) .... Shopkeeper
4. The Banksters, Madoff with America (2013) .... Neal
5. Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair (2011) .... Bill
6. Stretch (2011) .... Monteiro
7. True Legend (2010) .... Anthony
8. Detention (2010/I) .... Principal Hoskins
9. Money to Burn (2010) .... Klau
10. Six Days in Paradise (2010) .... Vernon Billings
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On June 3, 2009, he was found dead
in a closet
in his hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand
due to an autoerotic asphyxiation gone fatal.


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Posted 2 years ago

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The Kill Bill credit is correct. Kill Bill Vol. 1 was released in 2003 and Vol 2. in 2004 but the Whole Bloody Affair wasn't released until years later.

I'm going to guess some of the 2010 releases may also be correct as they would have filmed before he died. The other ones though, not sure how to verify them without seeing the movies.
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Hi Act_1 -

If I understand the issue correctly, you are reporting that Mr. Carradine worked on an episode of 'The Walking Dead" that is currently missing from his filmography page, is that correct?
If so, have you already tried submitting the missing credit?
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I'm pretty sure "The Walking Dead" comment is a joke considering David's filmography after his death. I'm not sure how many of the credits are incorrect.
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Hi Adrian -

Thanks for clarifying.  Given that Mr. Carradine passed away in 2009, the recent credits listed are suspicious.  I have now filed a ticket for our editorial staff to investigate further.
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Hi Adrian -
Thanks for clarifying. 
Given that Mr. Carradine passed away in 2009, the recent credits listed are suspicious.
I have now filed a ticket for our editorial staff to investigate further.
by Michelle, Official Rep
- - -

Adrian : He should be in "The Walking Dead" comment is a joke considering David's filmography   

was there a Fake Shemp for David Carradine

Fake Shemp  is someone who appears in a film as a replacement for another actor or person.
Their appearance is disguised using methods such as heavy make-up
(or a computer-generated equivalent), filming from the back,
dubbing in audio and splicing in past footage from the original actor's previous work,
using a sound-alike voice actor,
or using partial shots of the actor.
The concept is named after Shemp Howard,
whose sudden death in 1955 necessitated the use of these techniques
to finish the films to which he was already committed.
Once somewhat commonplace throughout the 20th century,
the use of Fake Shemps to emulate living people are now forbidden
under Screen Actors Guild contracts,
largely because of a lawsuit filed by Crispin Glover
that determined that the method violates the original actor's personality rights.
The method continues to be used in cases, such as Shemp's,
where the original actor is deceased
and permission from the deceased actor's estate is granted.

One of the earliest,
in an example that predates its use to replace Shemp,
was in the film Saratoga,
in which the illness and death of star Jean Harlow
necessitated the filming of scenes with a voice and body double.

Director Ed Wood used his wife's chiropractor, Tom Mason,
in the 1959 cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space
as a stand-in for the deceased Bela Lugosi.

The death of actor John Candy forced the use of a fake Shemp
to complete filming of Wagons East!.

Another example is from the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II.
Actor Crispin Glover was asked to reprise the role of George McFly.
- - -

Samuel Horwitz (March 11, 1895 – November 22, 1955),
known professionally as Shemp Howard, was an American comedian and actor
- - -

Filmography by type for Shemp Howard
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Filmography by type for Fake Shemp (Character)
"Fake Shemp" is a term that refers to
the final four "Moe-Larry-Shemp" Columbia short subjects
made by the Three Stooges, completed after Shemp Howard's death.
Fake Shemps are usually actors filling in for missing or absent actors
who have left the shoot, been injured, died or
whose roles were never cast in the first place.
The phrase was popularized by the "Evil Dead" filmmakers
who were only able to finish filming with the prodigious use of Fake Shemps.

Army of Darkness (1992)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106308/reference : 16 Fake Shemps  were included in the credits

The Evil Dead (1981)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083907/reference : 18 Fake Shemps  were included in the credits
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Hi there Act_1.

We have done an investigation into David Carradine’s post-2010 credits following your query. All of the credits have been verified and we can confirm that they are factually correct. Our investigation revealed that the title Mata Hari was in fact not released in 2016, so we have updated this accordingly but the credit for David is still correct. If you have any specific filmography items that you still believe to be incorrect, please provide us with information and we can look into these further.  

Thank you again for your vigilance.  
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Filmography by type for Conrad Brooks
Date of Birth: 3 January 1931, Baltimore, Maryland
Date of Death: 6 December 2017, Los Angeles, California

In Production
1. Abaddon (2018) (filming) .... Hippie
2. Midnight Massacre (2016) (filming) .... Grandfather Anthony
3. Pitfire of Hell (2016) (filming) .... UFO Spotter
4. Revenge of the Devil Bat (????) (filming)
5. Darkness Waits (????) (filming) .... Mr. Brooks


15. Zombie on the Loose (2010)
22. Raising Dead (2002) .... Police Chief Arbogast
28. I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998) .... Cruiser Cop #3

and more...

Hope they finished filming his parts before...

- - -

Most-Recently-Deceased People With Date of Death in 2017


3,671 names

- - -

Brooks died of complications from sepsis on December 6, 2017
at his home in Inwood, West Virginia, at the age of 86