"Hellboy" spam advert obliterates pages

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Is anyone else plagued with adverts for "Hellboy" which obliterate part of the real information on the site? As a contributor to IMDB for many years I am heartily sick of adverts which obliterate the information on the site, making it impossible to see existing information and to find the "Update" button.

Normally adverts for films disappear automatically after a few seconds or else have a clear "X" button to close the advert panel. Not so for "Hellboy".

I am very close to stopping contributing to IMDB because the contemp with which you treat contributors. I want a site which just works. Any adverts should be confined to borders which do not cover any of the site information and do not affect its style sheet and hence its colour palette etc.

Using either Firefox or Chrome, the home page appears OK and I am able search for a title (eg "Casualty" (1986)).

In the case of Firefox, the series level page is corrupted by the advert and the list of seasons cannot be accessed:


In the case of Chrome, I can see the series-level page and search for an episode, but when I open the episode the page is corrupted and the "Update" button cannot be accessed:


If you *must* run adverts that totally obliterate the proper site (and I would urge you not to: it's not big and it's not clever) then can you at least make sure that the advert disappears after a few seconds or else has a "X" button which allows the user to close it.

At present, for me, IMDB is totally unusable. It's not the first time that the site has been hijacked by an advert. Do you actually test the effect of an advert, to make sure that it leaves the site usable?
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  • Utterly pissed-off with adverts on IMDB which hijack the site

Posted 8 months ago

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I've just started having this problem from half an hour ago and I have not been able to do anything on IMDb since. Was really worried as to whether it was just me, it's not just my laptop, it's happening on my mobile too so it's not a browser problem. The ads have dominated all the pages I have visited today, it just looks awful and the site is near un-usable to me. The user reviews especially are unreadable, the only things you can see for any of them are the review summaries and the helpful votes with the contents of all the reviews (or the ones that aren't obscured completely) completely blocked and the ratings nowhere to be seen. Glad I'm not alone.
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Yes I've now reproduced the fault (which only happens for some titles) 100% reproducably on Firefox, Opera and Chrome (Windows), and Firefox and Dolphin (Android).

For it to happen on one minority browser suggests inadequate testing. For it to happen on all browsers and operating systems suggests no testing whatsoever. Did someone at IMDB actually sign off this advert as being fit for purpose, without knackering the core functionality of the site?

It's a shame it keeps happening, and that the first time it happened didn't cause processes to be put in place at IMDB that minimised the chances of it happening ever again.
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Yes Much of the crew information has gone from the IMDB  site whichever film or tv programme I choose.  I hope this not permanent. The ad seems to be part of the problem  ; Jason Presley
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Hi Martin & Bethany,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I've forwarded this information to our engineering team for further help.

We'll update this thread once we receive further information.

Thanks in advance for your patience.
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To further follow-up on Claire's reply on this misconfigured ad, while this should not have happened, if there are ever any ad issues, please remember your top contributor status entitles you to free access to IMDbPro which does not have ads. 
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When you look at the critic or user review, the top of the results are covered over in black. This is clearly a bug that needs to be fixed asap.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hellboy has messed up the reference view.

The advertisement for Hellboy has messed up the reference view (which I have turned on by default because it makes it easier to do the kind of submission I was about to attempt).

The normal view seems to work although the colour scheme is really unhelpful.

The problem can be seen at "Strictly Come Dancing" (2004) {Christmas Special 2018 (#16.26)} and other episodes I looked at.

The 'Edit page' button is also invisible but it does work if you hunt around the right area to find it.

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Please - get rid of this obstructive Hellboy rubbish asap!

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Hi everyone,

Our engineering team has confirmed that the ad has been removed.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any further issues.
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Merge this ? ?

Hellboy Advertising ruins site
Posted Jan 6 2019 11:46 PM
by Conor C
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Thank you, Claire.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hellboy Advertising ruins site.

I've noticed that some pages on IMDb are unviewable due to this Hellboy promotion seemingly blocking out large amounts of text on these pages, and the text that is visible is bright white and clashes with the light background.

If I can recall correctly from learning Web design from my College days, the problem is that there is a layering problem within the HTML or something.

So, like... fix this please?
Screenshot below:
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I am catching up on Game of Thrones but suddenly I can’t access any plot synopsis....

No more plot synopsis just a blank screen

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