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ANNOUNCEMENT: Why do you use the Name Reference View?
by nicb2011
 posted a month ago  
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Hi everyone,
I started a topic last week regarding Title Reference View and why people use it.

That said, I wanted to also ask about Name Reference View.
I subsequent added this to the Title conversation,
but I'm afraid it might be lost in the all the responses.

I have 2 specific questions:
1) Are there any specific details regarding Name Reference View,
which hasn't been covered in the Title conversation which makes it helpful?

2) Comparing Name and Title Reference View, which is more important?
When contributing to IMDb to you mostly rely on Title Reference View?

Thanks again,


ANNOUNCEMENT: Why do you use the Title Reference View?
by nicb2011
posted 2 months ago  
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Hi everyone,
We are in the process of evaluating the popularity of many of the features across IMDb.
While overall usage is small, the title reference view has a number of diehard fans,
many of which are our longtime users. To help us understand,
if you use this page, why do you use it?
What does it provide that the main IMDb title page doesn’t have?

For a bit of background, here is IMDb’s current title main page

Here is the title reference view page (
which used to be the main IMDb page prior to 2010)

If both of these pages look the same to you,
at some point your account was updated to make the “reference view” your default page.
You can change this by going to “Site Preferences”
and deselecting the “Show reference view” checkbox.

That said, for those who use the reference view, I’m very interested in hearing why.
What is missing from the main title page?
What would the main title page need to make you switch back?
One downside of the reference view is that the data on the page is often 1-3 days out of date.
If you use the reference view, I’d love to hear why.

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a month ago  
How are you going to do this in the future
How will they do it?
Mainly on GetSat.
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Presumably they gathered the feedback they needed.

I see this post in your profile page now, but sometimes there are unexpected omissions.
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I remember this.

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