"Provide an Explanation" Now Available on Adds in our Submission Form

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I am pleased to announce that users can now submit an optional explanation with any addition for any list type available in our main submission form, allowing them the opportunity to provide additional evidence to our data editors at the point of submission. Previously, this option was limited to corrections and deletions in the form, but this is now live on adds as well.

Once the user ticks the box for "Provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission" and hits "Check these updates" the field will become available in the submission form.

For example,




We hope that this will help improve the additions process for all IMDb users trying to provide evidence, leading to less rejected submissions and a better all-around user experience. 

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Posted 2 months ago

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Bravo! This decision is a win-win for both sides.

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I was just coming here to see if anyone else had noticed this change.
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A very good development indeed!
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Very good addition, thank you. Or should I say ”just what the doctor ordered”. Should lead to less rejected submissions if/when people learn how to use it.
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Can I take any credit for this having suggested it about a week ago? lol. This is a great addition and hope that it works like it should. thx
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Hi MikeTheWhistle,

Unfortunately this one has been on the radar for much longer than a week! Points for trying! We're glad to deliver it now though.
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LOL just my luck. I'd like to make a couple other suggestions. On the beta contributions page, a way to select between:
1) pending, declined, and accepted items
2) the different types of submissions. eg reviews, trivia, goofs, pics, etc
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This is fantastic news.
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To whom it may concern at IMDB.

My name is Antonin Baudry.  I am the director of the film « Le Chant du Loup (The Wolf’s Call) » and its writer. As you can easily see on the poster that is shown on the IMDB page of my film.


I was also the co-writer of the film Quai d’Orsay under the pen name Abel Lanzac.

The information currently on IMDB is wrong. There is no mention of my name on my own film’s page. It is a prejudice for me and I need it to be corrected.

The correct information, which is very easy to verify (just check the credits in the film, or the poster of the film), is 

For Quai d’Orsay

Writer : Antonin Baudry (as Abel Lanzac)

For Le Chant du Loup (The Wolf’s Call)

Director : Antonin Baudry

Writer : Antonin Baudry.

My personal page must be at my name : Antonin Baudry.

Currently there is none. When someone types my name, they find nothing. The content that is currently in the « Abel Lanzac » page must be under my actual name Anotnin Baudry. Once again, Abel Lanzac does not exist, it is only my pen name.

I need this to be corrected now once and for all. There has been already a lot of requests by my producer.

Again, the current situation and the repeated refusal to provide the correct information on your website is a prejudice to me and my carreer.

We have sent many many requests to change the pages, but it never worked out.

Thank you,

Antonin Baudry

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different issues

Please reference the new conversation here: Name page issues