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Question for Dan Dassow and the Listerines...

Saw this today (something new ?) on the

Advanced Name Search
Welcome to IMDb's most powerful name search

Botom of page:

[____________] [____________]

does this displays Your Lists here ? ?

( You need to be logged in at IMDb )

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Posted 9 months ago

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Yes Sir.
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Hi! Horst

Well... I saw My list there today
"Names that are Not People"
and 'WOW! IMDb picked My list for this Search ? ?

Does not show the top text part
Starts with ... "41 names"

This Must show other users Lists here


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I have not created any IMDb lists of names so, the option does not appear when I visit the ANS form.
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The Listerines? The who? Wait. Whose side are you on, son?

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