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This is a re-creation of a poll that was published on November 23, 2014.

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'Tough pick and good poll!

May I suggest a small edit?

What could be more dangerous than intelligence in an evil mind?
What could be more dangerous, in an evil mind, than intelligence? 
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Dalton Russell in Inside Man (2006): He's an antihero.  Far from actually being evil.  Shouldn't be on the list.  Technically, he's the protagonist of the film and we spend most of the time following him.
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Smart and Evil
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For all their "Brains" most of these guys get caught in the end either by a brilliant detective or an average cop. I haven't seen all of the movies but Keyser Soze is the only one from that list that I know actually gets away with it. John Doe in Se7en takes his plot to its' obvious conclusion, but he got caught in the process. I'd put Oliver Lang from Arlington Road on the list as well. He used his brains to get good guys to commit his crimes for him. At best he could only be charged with conspiracy, it would've made a good sequel if he was to be investigated for his involvement, but a movie about blowing up government buildings might not have gone over too well in the US shortly after 2001.