"Seen" button on all titles

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I would like to have a simple "seen" button next to tiles, so I can easily see on a list, for example, how much of those I have already seen.
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Posted 2 years ago

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"Seen" button on all titles
I would like to have a simple "seen" button next to tiles,
so I can easily see on a list, for example, how much of those I have already seen.
 by Lara
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That might be a lot todo for IMDb
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"Seen it" button
I was just thinking, it might be welcomed on the site if a "Seen it" button
were added to all the pages.
That way, as users gradually go through different pages,
they can easily generate their own personalized list of movies they've seen.
This would be kind of the complement to the "Watch list".
In fact that's kind of how the idea occurred to me, I saw that,
and it got me thinking of the old trading card joke about
"Need it, need it, got it, need it".
Although in this case it would be "Seen it, seen it, watch it, seen it".
by Ronin
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Posted 4 years ago
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How about a "seen"-button in "Recommended for you"?
How about a "seen"-button in "Recommended for you"?
I have seen half the titles, but want to see them again before I rate them.
by Ruth Tuven
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Posted 2 years ago
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hi guys! a quick thing: i suggest u add a "seen" button to all the movies, id definitely use it.
seen button
by Viktor Rácz
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Posted 2 years ago

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Imran Khalid

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As it is very easy to ADD TO WATCHLIST. Same way, it should be very easy to ADD TO SEEN LIST.
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Yes, last year I had a goal about watching the most that I could of the 250 Top Rated Movies instead of watching only new movies, but I didnt want to simply take out of the list what I had watched already. So I copied the list to an Excel spreadsheet like it was 1988...

This would be very helpful to series as well, for example, I stopped watching Mad Men and don't know in which episode, I'll probably have to go through the episode guide on IMDb and try to recognize it by the synopsis. I know there's is apps for that, but I just prefer IMDb...

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