"Wally Brown" -- any evidence it really aired?

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There is a TV series listed in the database titled "Wally Brown" (1979). However, it has no distributor, no release date, and no episodes listed. Nor have I been able to find evidence that it really aired. In particular, it is not listed in The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh.

I looked it up because I saw a game show on which Ron Masak appeared, in which he said he was going to be on a series titled "Wally Brown" which would air in October (of 1979) on NBC. So this must have been a real project, but it didn't necessarily make it to broadcast.

On the other hand, there is also a TV movie in the database titled The Further Adventures of Wally Brown (1980) (TV), with most of the same cast members. This really did air, as a pilot, on August 21, 1980, on NBC. And it's listed in such books as Encyclopedia of Television Pilots; Encyclopedia of Television Series, Pilots and Specials; and Unsold Television Pilots: 1955-1989. It seems unlikely that NBC would air the 

Before anyone says, "Doesn't the title 'further adventures' imply that there were previous adventures?", I'll admit that it normally would imply that, but the title could have been chosen for amusement rather than being meant literally. The Beatles had a song called "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", yet Bungalow Bill had never appeared in any of their songs before and never appeared again, and there was a movie called Leonard Part 6 without any of the first 5 parts ever being made.

So my questions are:
  1. Is "Wally Brown" verifiable as being a TV series, or did it never make it to air as a series?
  2. If it never aired as a series, should we merge the series into the pilot The Further Adventures of Wally Brown?
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Posted 7 months ago

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If the 1979-1980 U.S. television schedule is accurate, NBC never aired a weekly TV series titled "Wally Brown." This may be a case of a contributor viewing the same game show Ron Masak appeared in but not doing the extra research confirming if the show existed.

In my opinion, merging the series title into the pilot page is the way to go.

Just curious, which game show were you referring to?

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GMJ: Thanks for commenting. The contributor must have had access to additional information, though, because there are cast members and character names listed which Ron Masak didn't mention on the game show.

There may be other contributors with access to more publications or reference works that could explain the situation. My guess is that "Wally Brown" was once identified as being planned for the fall schedule, but dropped before the fall schedule actually began broadcasting.

By the way, the game show where Ron Masak mentioned "Wally Brown" was an episode of "Password Plus", shown on the Buzzr network.
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By the way, please disregard the incomplete sentence in my original post that says "It seems unlikely that NBC would air the".



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It's okay. Humans make mistakes. You're a human.

Are you not?
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My 2 cents.
They should remain as is.
They, from what it looks like, aired the pilot as the further adventures..................

That does not negate the ordering of the series pilot under "Wally Brown". That is fact.
Renaming it a year later is fact also.
Merging them leaves out a fact one way or the other.
Renamed never existed or the series never existed.

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On the 9/4/79 Password program Ron Masak talks about his upcoming show Wally Brown to air on NBC that fall.
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Gary: That's probably the game show episode I mentioned in my original post. 

I wonder if anyone has access to Variety from that era or another industry publication which would confirm that NBC had abandoned its plans to air "Wally Brown" that fall.
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Gary Seath,

In this case, whenever this Password Plus episode was produced, which is usually 4-6 weeks before airing, I suspect Mr. Masak believed the pilot was picked up by the network when in reality it was not. Errors do happen. Even for TV shows from nearly 40 years ago.

The Further Adventures of Wally Brown (1980), which aired on NBC August 21, 1980, was the pilot for the potential series that appears was never picked up by the network for the 1980-81 season.

I believe this information should be added to the Trivia section for the September 4, 1980 episode page of  Password Plus, which does not exist at this point.

If you're interested and you have an IMDb user account or an IMDbPro account, please check out the help page link for more information.

IMDb Help Center:
How can I add a new episode to a TV series?
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Also another note: It's ordered with the "The Further Adventures of Wally Brown" name since the beginning. So there's no "renaming" actually. It was announced, advertised, mentioned as "The Further Adventures of Wally Brown" since at least March 1979. They just shorten the name when talking in the game show.