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Add ratings for actors or actress , why not : )
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Posted 6 years ago

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Currently, IMDb summarizes the ratings for the production in which people have participated. How would what you suggest be better?

For instance:
Alfred Hitchcock

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I'm guessing what he/she means is a new features that allows you to give a rating to a person, similar to how you give a rating to a movie. Think about it; an actor may have been in many good movies, even if his performances are lacking. So giving a rating to a person could be a useful feature to see if he/she is considered to be a good or bad performer in his field. Based on that you could have a top 250 list of actors and directors, for instance, based on user votes for each actor, with the top list featuring names like James Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Meryl Streep, etc., who are always considered to give excellent work, and even bottom 100 lists where you might find people like Steven Seagal and Paris Hilton.

The way I see it, the thought has some merit, but I'm not sure the people who will actually be affected by it; the actors, directors, etc., would want to be rated that way. Then again they might...
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It would be so such a cool feature
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First of all , thanks for replying on my suggestion . and im sorry about my short term of words ( description ) . That is exactly like my point of view for actor ratings , thanks cartman_1337
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I'd be concerned that this could be used for evil - I can't imagine Justin Bieber is going to do well under this system and if the trolls think they could ruin someone's day then they'd be all over it. Equally, it'd be wide open to abuse by self-promoters - you can buy votes on IMDB and the same people would be all over this, it'd be a much more straightforward system to manipulate than the Starmeter system (and we know people already try and fiddle that).

The Starmeter might not be perfect, but at least it is neutral and runs from an algorithm, and even then people take fluctuations in this number very personally. It'd be seen as much more of a slight if it appeared that the general public hated you (you can always come up with explanations why people didn't like a title you were in, perhaps it is a Marmite film or you could blame other people as it is a team effort, but this is a direct assessment of how good people think you are).

Not necessarily an argument to throw out the idea, but a reason to be cautious: "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."
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actor rating.

I would like to see actors have ratings in the same way as movies. It would really help in picking out movies especially if you add list such as 250top actors based on ratings and not just one persons opinion.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled There should be ratings for all the celebrities also by the users, just like rati....

the movie are for 1 time , this will show all the about the celebrities , how people are taking them and how do much the generation like them , You could make a graph w.r.t time so that people would know how a celebrity is responded by people, you could also make there rating for the character they play separately , this will boost the site , and people as well as, movie and tv show industry people will start visiting the site more often to see who should they pick for a specific role.
there should be a separate rating above all the basic.
then there should be a sub-rating in groups i.e rating of style, rating of voice, beauty, good acting etc.
this will be more important and useful for the site if use this ratings.
best of luck,that , if you read thei
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled You should add a actor rating so we can rate the actors.

Would be awsome if you added that
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Every time I vote for a movie, I also have an urge to vote for the
actors performance or how good the director was...or the script.
I mean, the overall voting that we do for a movie sometimes I feel that it's not fair for the actors or the opposite.

It would be great (and very interesting for the general performance of the
cast and crew ) if we could also vote for each one independently.
So we could also have, best actors , best directors, best scripts , best...whatever.
Why just stick with best Movie ?!
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You see what I mean about searching for a topic first. Also as stated earlier the starmeter feature is a good way to judge an actor or director. While simplistic (it is mostly based on page visits) it is not the best way to gauge interest in an actor, but your suggestion is worth discussing further. A really bad acting performance can raise your starmeter too because a lot of people may "hit" your page to find out, who the actor was that stunk up the show! A rating system is the only way to go.


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