All my credits from the last 25+ years have been Deleted Please Help!!

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Hi, I received a strange email that a "contributor" disputed some credits, then suddenly all of my credits from the last 25+ years (783) disappeared. Please advise how to get this restored. Thank you, Mark
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Hi Mark -

Please rest assured that the HelpDesk message you received was from an IMDb staff member.

If you believe that credit information has been deleted incorrectly, you will need to re-submit the data and provide screenshot evidence with your credit submission to verify your involvement on the projects.
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Hi Michelle,

I hope you are well and thank you for the reply! I would like you to know that I feel as if I were in a court and sentenced without having even been able to answer or defend this. No disrespect to the IMDB staff person, but I fail to understand how they can just decide to remove a lifetime of work in a click. I have been a mixer in New York City for 37 years, and I have worked, and still work at the highest level and at the biggest facilities. I have an excellent reputation coast to coast and overseas. The email I was sent said: 

        "a contributor who has disputed a large number of your credits and stated that the work you have been listed for is unfeasible in that time-frame. We have investigated a number of these and confirmed that you did not receive an on-screen credit for your work. In light of this we have had to remove all of your self-submitted credits as per our policies and we will only accept any further credit additions if you can provide screenshot evidence with your submission to verify your involvement."

Now if you took every sound person and asked them to verify by screen credit you would have to delete 80%+ of us. We don't get credit on all TV, but that does not mean we have not worked on the show. The same with films. Did someone see that I have a lot of credits that have been accepted over the many years and say this can't be? How can anyone say that what I have done is "unfeasible in that time-frame" How do they know this? I may work on a show or film for a year and others for a day. The fact is that I did work on the project. Most of the time it has been with the leads in the projects as well. Because I am in NYC a lot of the actors come through and I record them with the director and editors, who hire me, on the other end via ISDN or similar. Please help me because it would be impossible to screenshot 783 projects. Some are from studios that have closed down, and the others went from paper to digital schedules that don't exist anymore.

I feel if this staff member was doing their due diligence, then they would have seen my name on a good number of films. I have nominations of awards and they did not even keep those shows?

With as much work as I do, and as much as I am booked, if you did any research in the industry you would see they are all legit. I have no reason to build this over so many years and decades if they were not true. I respect IMDB. I appreciate what it has done for the industry, and for myself. I was, and still am very proud of the body of work I have had the honor to have been an ADR or Re-Recording mixer on.

I am asking that you please don't destroy me with one click and delete for the wrong reasons. All of my assistants over the years are still credited on IMDB for the same shows that have been taken away. I can work on 4 or 5 shows a day. My schedule is insane and anyone in NY/LA/London can vouch for that.

Please help me Michelle, because this is not about anything but the truth and justice for a mixer who has worked very hard, for many years.  Here is the list that was deleted. Impossible to send you info on all of this as you can understand. Have a great night!

All the Best,

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The Giver (ADR mixer) 2014 

The Hundred­Foot Journey (ADR mixer) 2014

The Divide (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ I'm for Justice (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ No Such Thing as Justice (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

The Leftovers (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) ­ Guest (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Gladys (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Two Boats and a Helicopter (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Guardians of the Galaxy (ADR mixer) 2014

Crossbones (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 4 episodes) ­ A Hole in the Head (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ The Return (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Antoinette (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)


The Man Who Killed Blackbeard (2014) ... (ADR mixer) 

Sex Tape (ADR mixer) 2014

Power (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ I Gotta Go (2014) ... (ADR mixer)


Tammy (ADR mixer) 2014 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (ADR mixer) 2014 

Earth to Echo (ADR mixer) 2014

Growing Up Fisher (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­

Mad About You (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ 

The Man with the Spider Tattoo (2014) ... (ADR mixer)


Chasing Life (TV Series) (ADR mixer) 2014

Orange Is the New Black (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ Hugs Can Be Deceiving (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ You Also Have a Pizza (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

TURN: Washington's Spies (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Against Thy Neighbor (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Da Vinci's Demons (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) ­ The Sins of Daedalus (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ The Enemies of Man (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ The Rope of the Dead (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Working the Engels (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 9 episodes) ­ Family Therapy (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Jenna vs. The Momfia (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ The Crazy Family (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Jenna's Presentation (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Meet Irene Horowitz (2014) ... (ADR mixer) Show all 9 episodes

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (ADR mixer) 2014 

Foxcatcher (ADR mixer) 2014

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (TV Mini­Series documentary) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ The Electric Boy (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still (2014) ... (ADR mixer)


X­Men: Days of Future Past (ADR mixer) 2014

The Tomorrow People (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Kill Switch (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Believe (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 6 episodes) ­ Together (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­

Bang and Blame (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Sinking (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

White Noise (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Beginner's Luck (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) Show all 6 episodes

Devious Maids (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

The Following (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ Silence (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­

The End Is Near (2013) ... (ADR mixer)

The Amazing Spider­Man 2 (ADR mixer) 2014 

Transcendence (ADR mixer) 2014/I

Rake (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) ­ Remembrance of Taxis Past (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Bigamist (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Cannibal (2014) ... (ADR mixer)


Sabotage (ADR mixer) 2014 

Muppets Most Wanted (ADR mixer) 2014

Call the Midwife (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ Episode #3.8 (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Episode #3.7 (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Looking (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 8 episodes) ­ Looking Glass (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Looking for a Plus­One (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Looking in the Mirror (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Looking for the Future (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Looking for $220/Hour (2014) ... (ADR mixer) Show all 8 episodes

Once Upon a Time: Wicked Is Coming (TV Movie documentary) (ADR mixer)


Quirke (TV Mini­Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) 2014

Elegy for April (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ The Silver Swan (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Happy Face Killer (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2014 

Turks & Caicos (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2014 

Pompeii (ADR mixer) 2014/I 

The Two Faces of January (ADR mixer) 2014 

The Monuments Men (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2014 

The Gabby Douglas Story (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2014

Blue Bloods (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 18 episodes) 2012­2014 ­ Manhattan Queens (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Unfinished Business (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ The Bogeyman (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Ties That Bind (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Mistaken Identity (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) Show all 18 episodes

RoboCop (ADR mixer) 2014

Sleepy Hollow (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) 2013­2014 ­ The Indispensable Man (2014) ... (ADR mixer) ­ The Vessel (2014) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ The Golem (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Devil's Due (ADR mixer) 2014

Clementine (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (ADR mixer) 2014

Salvation (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2014

Songbyrd (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2014 ­ Pilot (2014) ... (ADR mixer)

Grudge Match (ADR mixer) 2013 

American Hustle (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013 

Delivery Man (ADR mixer) 2013 

Gods Behaving Badly (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (ADR mixer) 2013

Welcome to the Family (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 4 episodes) ­ Molly and Junior Find a Place (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ The Big RV Adventure (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Dan Finds Out (2013) ... (ADR mixer)


Pilot (2013) ... (ADR mixer) 

Saving Mr. Banks (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (ADR mixer: N.Y.) 2013 

The Counselor (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013

We Are Men (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Pilot (2013) ... (ADR mixer)

Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland (TV Movie documentary) (ADR mixer) 2013 

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (ADR mixer) 2013 

Romeo & Juliet (ADR mixer) 2013/II

Breaking Bad (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) 2013 ­ Granite State (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Ozymandias (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ To'hajiilee (2013) ... (ADR mixer)

Devil's Knot (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013 

The Green Inferno (ADR mixer) 2013 

The Last of Robin Hood (ADR mixer) 2013 

The Fifth Estate (mixer: Soundtracks) 2013 

The Zero Theorem (ADR mixer) 2013 

Prisoners (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013

 Under the Skin (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013/I 

Closed Circuit (ADR mixer) 2013 Gravity (ADR mixer ­ as Mark Desimone) 2013 

Kick­Ass 2 (ADR mixer) 2013 

Clear History (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2013 

The Smurfs 2 (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

R.I.P.D. (ADR mixer) 2013 

Killing Season (ADR mixer) 2013 

White House Down (ADR mixer) 2013 

The Heat (ADR mixer) 2013/I 

The Lone Ranger (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

World War Z (ADR mixer) 2013 

Only Lovers Left Alive (ADR mixer) 2013 

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight (ADR mixer) 2013 

Now You See Me (ADR mixer: Ross 424) 2013/I

Bates Motel (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 4 episodes) ­ Midnight (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ Underwater (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ The Truth (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)


Trust Me (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 

Epic (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2013 

Star Trek Into Darkness (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013 

The Great Gatsby (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013 

Treachery (ADR mixer) 2013/I

42 (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

The Challenger Disaster (TV Movie) (ADR mixer) 2013 

Dead Man Down (ADR mixer) 2013 

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (ADR mixer) 2013 

Jack the Giant Slayer (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

Escape from Planet Earth (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2013 

Reaching for the Moon (ADR mixer) 2013 

A Good Day to Die Hard (ADR mixer) 2013

Fringe (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 12 episodes) ­ Liberty (2013) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) ­ There's More Than One of Everything (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ The Road Not Taken (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Midnight (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) Bad Dreams (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) Show all 12 episodes

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (ADR mixer: New York) 2013 

The Carrie Diaries (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2013

Pilot (2013) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Ironside (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 3 episodes) 2013 ­ Hidden Agenda (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Minor Infractions (2013) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Brothers in Arms (2013) ... (ADR mixer)

Made in Jersey (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 5 episodes) 2012 ­ Ridgewell (2012) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Payday (2012) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Camelot (2012) ... (ADR mixer)

Cacti (2012) ... (ADR mixer) ­ Pilot (2012) ... (ADR mixer)

Zero Dark Thirty (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2012 

Playing for Keeps (ADR mixer: New York) 2012

Hitchcock (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 

Fun Size (ADR mixer: New York) 2012

Chicago Fire (TV Series) (ADR mixer: New York) 

Here Comes the Boom (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Frankenweenie (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

Revolution (TV Series) (ADR mixer: New York) 2012

 End of Watch (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

Silver Linings Playbook (ADR mixer) 2012 

Girl Most Likely (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Seven Psychopaths (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2012 

Looper (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

The Iceman (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2012 

Premium Rush (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

Savages (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Rock of Ages (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

The Amazing Spider­Man (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Zambezia (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Cosmopolis (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

The Magic of Belle Isle (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Safe (ADR mixer) 2012/I

 Cowgirls 'n Angels (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

The Three Stooges (ADR mixer: New York) 2012

American Reunion (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

The Cold Light of Day (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

21 Jump Street (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

Sinister (ADR mixer: New York) 2012/I 

Think Like a Man (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Big Miracle (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

This Means War (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012

 Chronicle (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2012 

Man on a Ledge (ADR mixer: New York) 2012 

Red Hook Summer (ADR mixer: New York)

Arbitrage (ADR mixer) 2012 

The Grey (ADR mixer: New York) 

New Year's Eve (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

Ricochet (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

Immortals (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

The Reunion (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011/II

 My Week with Marilyn (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

Dream House (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

Machine Gun Preacher (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

Shame (ADR mixer: Soundtrack NY) 2011 

Albert Nobbs (sound ­ uncredited) 2011 

One Day (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

The Smurfs (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

Super 8 (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

Drive (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011/I 

This Must Be the Place (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2011 

The Good Doctor (ADR mixer: (New York) 2011/I

Mildred Pierce (TV Mini­Series) (ADR mixer ­ 5 episodes) ­ Part Five (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Part Four (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Part Three (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Part Two (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Part One (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Monroe (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 5 episodes) ­ Episode #1.5 (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Episode #1.4 (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Episode #1.3 (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Episode #1.2 (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Episode #1.1 (2011) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Demoted (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

The Mortician (ADR mixer: (New York) 2011/I 

Win Win (ADR mixer) 2011 The Dilemma (ADR mixer: New York) 2011 

The Nutcracker in 3D (ADR mixer) 2010 

My Soul to Take (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

The Tempest (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2010/I 

The Debt (voice recording engineer ­ uncredited) 2010/I

Never Let Me Go (ADR mixer) 2010

Inhale (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Coach (Video) (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Christina (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Peacock (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Nanny McPhee Returns (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

High School (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2010 

Welcome to the Rileys (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Armless (sound re­recording mixer) 2010

Night and Day (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2010 

Brothers (ADR mixer: New York (ADR mixer: New York) 2009/I 

Ice Dreams (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

Everybody's Fine (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

The Bleeding (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

The Stepfather (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Mercy (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ I Believe You Conrad (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Can We Get That Drink Now? (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)


Entourage (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 13 episodes) 2008­2009 ­ Scared Straight (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Berried Alive (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Security Briefs (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

The Sorkin Notes (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ No More Drama (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) Show all 13 episodes

Law Abiding Citizen (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

The Forgotten (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2009

Pilot (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 

Georgia O'Keeffe (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009 

The Other Woman (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

Blood and Bone (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

The Invention of Lying (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009 

Get Low (ADR mixer: Soundtrack, New York) 

A Single Man (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009 

Orphan (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2009


Saving Grace (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 4 episodes) 2009 ­ What Would You Do? (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ So What's the Purpose of a Platypus? (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ But There's Clay (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

The Live Ones (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Rescue Me (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 4 episodes) 2007­2009 ­ Torch (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) Control (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Sheila (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Baby Face (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York) 

My Sister's Keeper (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

Public Enemies (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009 

Away We Go (ADR mixer) 2009

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 35 episodes) 2007­2009 ­ Liberties (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Crush (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Selfish (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Baggage (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Hell (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) Show all 35 episodes

Gossip Girl (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 22 episodes) ­ The Goodbye Gossip Girl (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Valley Girls (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ The Wrath of Con (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Seder Anything (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) Show all 22 episodes

The Grudge 3 (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

The Good Guy (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Obsessed (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Damages (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 13 episodes) 2009 ­ Trust Me (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Look What He Dug Up This Time (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ London. Of Course (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) Show all 13 episodes

Pirate Radio (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009

I Love You, Man (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)


The Naked Brothers Band (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 13 episodes) ­ The Sidekicks (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Supertastic 6 (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Operation Mojo (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Mystery Girl (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Polar Bears (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York) Show all 13 episodes

17 Again (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Ugly Betty (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 17 episodes) ­ Sugar Daddy (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Things Fall Apart (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ There's No Place Like Mode (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ The Courtship of Betty's Father (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Kissed Off (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Show all 17 episodes

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Like Dandelion Dust (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009

Lost (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2009 ­ The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Dirty Sexy Money (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2009 ­ The Unexpected Arrival (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

City of War: The Story of John Rabe (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009

Everybody Hates Chris (TV Series) (narration mixer ­ 67 episodes, 2006 ­ 2009) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode, 2009) ­ Everybody Hates Boxing (2009) ... (narration mixer: New York ­) ­ Everybody Hates PSATs (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ) / (narration mixer: New York ­

 Everybody Hates Fake IDs (2009) ... (narration mixer: New York) ­ Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets (2009) ... (narration mixer: New York ) ­ Everybody Hates James (2008) ... (narration mixer: New York ­) Show all 67 episodes

New in Town (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Prayers for Bobby (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009

The Messenger (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009/I

An Education (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009

Spread (ADR mixer: New York) 2009

Lipstick Jungle (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 9 episodes) 2008­2009 ­ Chapter Twenty: La Vie En Pose (2009) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Chapter Sixteen: Thanksgiving (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Chapter Thirteen: The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Chapter Twelve: Scary, Scary Night! (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Chapter Eleven: The F­Word (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) Show all 9 episodes

Dead Like Me: Life After Death (Video) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2009 

Park Sharks (ADR mixer: New York) 2009 

Tenure (ADR mixer: New York) 2008

Life on Mars (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) 2008

The Man Who Sold the World (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows? (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Sea of Dust (ADR mixer: New York) 2008 

$5 a Day (ADR mixer: New York) 2008 

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (ADR mixer: New York) 2008 

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (ADR mixer: New York) 2008 

Che: Part One (ADR mixer: New York) 2008

Show all 9 episodes

New Amsterdam (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Love Hurts (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)


Stop­Loss (ADR mixer) 2008 In Tranzit (ADR mixer: New York) 2008 

Another Cinderella Story (Video) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2008

Cashmere Mafia (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 6 episodes) ­ Dog Eat Dog (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Yours, Mine and Hers (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Stay with Me (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ The Deciders (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) ­ Dangerous Liaisons (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) Show all 6 episodes


Life Is Wild (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ P.O.C. (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

2008 Incendiary (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2008

Criminal Minds (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 5 episodes) ­ 3rd Life (2008) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Birthright (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Scared to Death (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York)

Fear and Loathing (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ Profiler, Profiled (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Grey's Anatomy (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Forever Young (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York)


Paranormal Activity (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2007 

The Secret (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

Weeds (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Release the Hounds (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York)


Grey's Anatomy: Come Rain or Shine (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

The Brothers Solomon (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

The Hunting Party (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

Balls of Fury (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2007

Illegal Tender (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

Bratz (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

Ghosts of the Heartland (ADR mixer) 2007

How to Rob a Bank (and 10 Tips to Actually Get Away with It) (ADR mixer: 2007 New York)

Grey's Anatomy: Every Moment Counts (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

The Reaping (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

Shanghai Kiss (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

Dead Silence (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

I Think I Love My Wife (ADR mixer: New York) 2007

Daddy's Little Girls (ADR mixer: New York) 

Medium (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode)

Apocalypse, Push (2007) ... (ADR mixer: New York) 

Save Me (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2007/I 

Resurrecting the Champ (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2007 

Ghost Rider (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

Four Last Songs (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

Freedom Writers (ADR mixer: New York) 2007 

Eragon (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

The Holiday (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2006

The Closer (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Serving the King: Part 1 (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York)


Monk (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Mr. Monk Meets His Dad (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

2006 Unknown (ADR mixer: New York) 2006

Independent Lens (TV Series documentary) (sound re­recording mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Muskrat Lovely (2006) ... (sound re­recording mixer)

The Unit (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) ­ Force Majeure (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

2006 2006

El cantante (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

All the King's Men (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

The Wives He Forgot (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Stranger Than Fiction (engineer) 2006 

Waltzing Anna (ADR mixer) 2006 

Copying Beethoven (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2006 

John Tucker Must Die (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2006 

Shark Bait (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Ira & Abby (ADR mixer: New York City) 2006 

Plaza Sésamo: Lola aventuras (Video) (audio mix) 2006 

Little Fugitive (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Where There's a Will (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2006

Miami Ink (TV Series documentary) (sound re­recording mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ The Garver Special (2006) ... (sound re­recording mixer) ­ The Kat Special (2006) ... (sound re­recording mixer)


United 93 (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Scary Movie 4 (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2006

Thief (TV Mini­Series) (ADR mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ Everything That Rises Must Converge (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York) ­ I Ain't Goin' to Jail for Anyone (2006) ... (ADR mixer: New York)


Take the Lead (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Funny Money (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Doogal (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Madea's Family Reunion (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Saving Shiloh (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

A Prairie Home Companion (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Glory Road (ADR mixer: New York) 2006 

Heidi (ADR engineer) 2005/II 

Three Wise Guys (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

Æon Flux (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

The Family Stone (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2005

Garam Masala (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2005

Love Wrecked (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

The White Countess (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2005

Opa! (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

A Little Trip to Heaven (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2005

The Quiet (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

Rag Tale (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

The Protector (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

Over There (TV Series) (ADR mixer: New York ­ multiple episodes) 2005

Back in the Day (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

Adam & Steve (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2005

Racing Stripes (ADR mixer: New York) 2005

The Congregation (TV Movie documentary) (re recording mixer) 2004

The Limit (Video) (ADR mixer) 2004

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (ADR mixer) 2004

An American Girl Holiday (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Starkweather (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Huff (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2004 ­ Pilot (2004) ... (ADR mixer ­ uncredited)

Alfie (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2004

Sniper 3 (Video) (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Haven (ADR mixer: New York) 2004/I

Finding Neverland (ADR mixer ­ uncredited) 2004

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Secret Passage (ADR engineer) 2004

I, Robot (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Thunderbirds (ADR mixer) 2004

News for the Church (Short) (ADR mixer: new York) 2004

The Ranch (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited) 2004

See You in My Dreams (TV Movie) (ADR engineer ­ uncredited) 2004

Breaking Vegas (TV Special documentary) (narration recording engineer) 2004

The I Inside (ADR: New york) 2004

Dead Lawyers (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2004

Shortcut to Happiness (ADR mixer) 2003

The Stranger (Short) (sound re­recording mixer) 2003

Top 5 (TV Series) (narration recording engineer) 2003

Untitled New York Pilot (TV Movie) (ADR mixer: New York) 2003

Cheaper by the Dozen (ADR mixer) 2003

Agatha Christie: Poirot (TV Series) (ADR mixer ­ 1 episode) 2003 ­ Five Little Pigs (2003) ... (ADR mixer: New York ­ uncredited)

Peter Pan (ADR mixer) 2003 Sin (ADR mixer: New York) 2003 

Open Water (ADR mixer: New York) 2003 

Easy (ADR mixer) 2003

In the Cut (ADR mixer) 2003 

3 Strikes (ADR engineer) 

The 10th Kingdom (TV Mini­Series) (ADR mixer) 

28 Days (ADR engineer uncredited) 2000 

Children in War (TV Movie documentary) (sound re­recording mixer) 2000 

My Dog Skip (ADR engineer) 2000 

Drowning Mona (ADR engineer) 2000 

Advice from a Caterpillar (ADR engineer) 1999 

A Wake in Providence (ADR engineer) 1999 

The Rat Pack (TV Series documentary) (narration recording engineer) 1999

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (TV Se

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happy belated birthday Mark, I loved the 10th kingdom
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Peter, Champion

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I have to offer Mark a bit of support here. Even his credits for Homeland were removed even though you list him as an award nominee for the show (which is confirmed in the Cinema Audio Society website).

If you found that he was uncredited in much of the work, is it really the best policy to remove all of the credits - even the many that were already listed as uncredited?
Photo of bluesmanSF

bluesmanSF, Champion

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Right.  It sounds more punitive that I would have expected...but there you go.  I would bet they're easily fixed and probably suppressed pending proof.  So the films can probably be added back with a screen shot of the credits and some shows with lots of episodes can probably be added back as "uncredited" with some sort of document (or left out). 
Photo of Mark DeSimone

Mark DeSimone

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Dear Michelle,

I hope you are good! I am sorry to continue this before you respond, but I am so very depressed about this wrongful situation. I was just with Benedict Cumberbatch working on a new Marvel project, and we discussed all of the work I did with him on Imitation Game, and he could not believe how I was being treated. He said to call on him for anything he could do to help.

I have also been working on the new X Men film and the sound supervisor could not believe this happened as well. I have credits on all of those projects. Numerous Marvel projects, like Avenger: Age of Ultron with James Spader, as well as his show Blacklist for all seasons. I did a huge amount of work, on Star Wars Episode VII with J.J. Abrams in attendance and was part of the nomination for a Golden Reel. I have a credit on the whole season of HBO's Vinyl, as well as numerous HBO projects that I did ADR on, or re-recorded. I was just asked to be on the Emmy application form for HBO's The Confirmation, by the supervising sound editor. I spoke with the Supervising producer of NCIS, because I have worked on that since the start, and there are no screen credits, and he was upset and asked what he could do. I have not only worked on everything on my original IMDB list, but I have relationships with a large number of people on the post production side because of our work.

I have a number CAS certificates for Gravity etc...and a draw full of Golden Reel certificates showing the work on numerous projects, like American Hustle, Newsroom, August:Osage County, Cloudy with a Chance of Meat balls, Blindspot just to name a few.  

I am not looking to contact everyone I have ever worked with, but I needed a few to sound board off of. This is extremely upsetting and unfair, in my and my colleagues opinion. If I went down the list of others in my position who self submit and don't have a screen credit this list would go on for days, and you would have to delete most of the industry of sound. I also spoke with the sound supervisor for Money Monster, the new Jodie Foster film, which I mixed 8 sessions of ADR for, and they all could not believe this. They all know I did the work, and I have had a clean reputation and would not need to put in false information because I have a professional pride and respect in the industry.

I am happy to have my studio Soundtrack, NY be involved as they were the ones to book me from requests of many clients of work I did that was on my IMDB. 

I could go on for pages and contact all of these main people on the projects, but my thought is not to send a massive amount of this, just some to get this resolved. I also do not feel that I should have them reinstated with "uncredited". Yes I have a bunch like that from the past and I am not asking for them to be change, just to put it back as it was. 

Thank you again for you time Michelle! I am anxiously awaiting a resolution so my work life can get back to normal, and that people see what I have done, because on my fathers grave there was not ONE false submission. I would take a lie detector test if need be in a court of law. Have a great night!

All the best,

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bluesmanSF, Champion

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...he was upset and asked what he could do...
I am sure IMDb staff was upset to find so much invalid, fraudulent data being placed on site too.  Can this person do something to help them too?  Or did you only indicate, as you do here, that you were bullied and victimized, and pulled out, of the 8 million names listed, and your work mostly removed simply to harass you?

on my fathers grave there was not ONE false submission. I would take a lie detector test if need be in a court of law
But, you've admitted that it's you that  submitted the false information, listing credited work where credits don't exist.

C'mon now...that's ridiculous.  Let's grow up and fix the problem.
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(I'm not part of the IMDB team/moderators)

Obviously I don't know the exact details with this case, nor I can't confirm or unconfirm any credits, but removing ALL 783 credits from 25+ years? Surely this can't be IMDB's policy when dealing with credits that have already have been added to the database? I mean EVEN if several of them are actually "uncredited".

Further more, since we're talking about "a contributor", it's one (apparently) person who set this in motion. I believe we need a bit more research if the end result is removing 783 credits?

Like I said, I have no real info to confirm or unconfirm anything, but from the general point of view this doesn't feel right. 

  "a contributor who has disputed a large number of your credits and stated that the work you have been listed for is unfeasible in that time-frame. We have investigated a number of these and confirmed that you did not receive an on-screen credit for your work. In light of this we have had to remove all of your self-submitted credits as per our policies and we will only accept any further credit additions if you can provide screenshot evidence with your submission to verify your involvement."
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Michelle, Official Rep

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Hi Mark -

Unfortunately, when there have been disputed credits (which is the case with your filmography) where our staff are unable to verify them, we will remove the credits in the meantime and request that you provide evidence for the credits on titles that you did work on.

If you have online evidence, you can post screen grabs on the thread here, or, alternatively, if you wish to provide evidence privately to IMDb staff you can do so through this form.
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Jeff Harper

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A humble suggestion in a policy change. Notify the owner *first* and then give them 30 days to prove credits are valid.  If after 30 days there is no proof, then delete.  Deleting first and asking questions later is a bad business model.


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Thank God IMDB doesn't try & prosecute people!!!
Photo of Mark DeSimone

Mark DeSimone

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Thank you once again for the response :) It has been a long week. I am so upset about this, and the word that comes to me is "Bullied" I feel totally Bullied by this staff person who has picked me out and pronounced me guilty and took away my whole career of credits 785! More now because I have been working on several new films and TV shows. Again Bullied is a bad word in todays world, and that is what has happened to me. Michelle, if this staff person did any research they would know they have also taken away a large number of shows I have a screen credit on as well. I cannot find all of these screenshots at this point. But look at Vinyl, Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Linings Playbook, Gravity etc....HBO's Children in War, and Toe Tag Parole...The Imitation Game, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Dead Man Down...these are a few I can remember now.

If you do this to me than you have to do this to hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of Sound professionals. Everyone puts in what they do, and we don't always get a screen credit. How come all of my assistants/recordists still have their credits on IMDB for the same shows you erased me on?? This is just the last 10 years worth I have checked with and I have had a good number who I have trained and have worked with me. 

How can this staff member say this was "unfeasible in that time-frame." were they there? Ask my studio and clients. I have said that some shows I worked on for a day, some a week, some a month etc...but I did work on ALL of them. Why has taken this long to ask me, well not really ask me, but Bully me, and delete my career. 

I could maybe only get the last 10 years if they still exist and take a screen shot of every job I worked on from the Soundtrack, NY schedule. That is as much proof as there can be. The client, the actor, my name, and they paid for the session. It would be impossible and that would only get me 400 or so credits back. 

Does being a professional, in the Union, a member of the Television Academy and CAS, mean nothing. I could not have the reputation I have if I were a lier. I am not a lier. I work extremely hard and all of the credits are legitimate jobs I have worked on. Again you would have to delete 80% of the sound professionals in the data base if you used this method. But why me? Why BULLY me?

Was it the high number of credits? I can get most of NYC, LA and London to vouch for me because I did all of the work with them. That is pure FACT.  I have never disgraced the IMDB institution. I respect it and I appreciate it for what it gives to us. I feel this is more than a standard situation Michelle, and it should have more sensitivity and professionalism, and help me and not Bully me. I still have faith that you will re instate my career of credits. I will not post any more, screen credits or not, until we can resolve this so I don't confuse the situation, but it is hurting myself and my studio a tremendous amount. Please take my request seriously and do more due diligence in this matter. I am not a kid trying to take the fast track to build a resume. Look at the credit list and you can see I have been doing this a long time for professional studios the last 37 years.

Again, thank you for the time :)

All the Best,

Mark DeSimone
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Mark DeSimone

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ljdoncel, how did you paste in the images? I found a couple of screenshots from what we had at the studio, but tried to paste it in and no luck. Sorry for the ignorance. It was for Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer and Vinyl, and I have one for Gravity. Thank you!
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Hey Mark,

LJ used the camera icon that appears below the text as you compose your reply.

Just drag the pic from wherever you've saved it on your computer to the box that appears when you click the icon. and it'll appear like the screencap above in your thread at that point.

Sorry to hear about your wife's condition. I have a niece with the same problem currently at St. Judes. My own "Big C" is located a little further south.

Good luck with both situations.
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If the "Mark Simone" in Everest is you, you can list it.  It goes on your page but needs the "attribute" (yes, that blank box again you kept blank previously because it says it "usually" is left blank...) to show it was listed, "(as Mark Simone)." The editor can submit or you can submit it...but it must be listed the same by either of you...if, of course, you're certain that was you and not someone with a similar name.

Again, IMDb documents the on screen credits so users can search and use the data.  So, if that's the way the credit appeared, that's the way it gets listed.  It goes on your page headed by your actual name and then the attribute helps to explain why your actual name doesn't appear and why that other name isn't listed on a page for "Mark Simone."

Sorry to hear  about your wife.  I have Acute Myeloid Leukemia and am not having much luck with treatments. So I can understand the battle!  Best of luck!
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Hey, Mark:

I apologize for the delay in answering (I've just arrived home after being on duty 24h in my hospital); thanks Mayor Agradable for addressing the question about posting images.

Just a brief message before I go to rest a bit: To all of you who battle every day against disease, please receive my best wishes and have my full support. I admire your fortitude. Do not give up! Sol

I'll take a look at those titles in a while...
Photo of Mark DeSimone

Mark DeSimone

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Dear Mayor D, LJ, and Blues,

Thank you so much for the great wishes and thoughts for my wife, Lisa :) It is not good and we are dealing with this now. My Dad passed at 35 with Lung Cancer a long time ago as well as many of my family. I am so blessed that so far myself and our daughter are clear :)

I am praying for you Blues, and I am so sorry to hear this news. Please know there is a new person in myself, and I will have my family praying and thinking positive thoughts for you. I will have you covered in NYC for everything GOOD! Mayor D your niece will be the same and we will all make this more important than anything having to do with work or credits :) LJ, I am not sure what you do, but if you had a 24h shift in a hospital, you must see this all of the time. Thank you for doing the good I am sure you do :)

I have to get back to mixing, and I don't want to make this post about credits at all. It is about people and keeping the faith that this will all work out, and I hope it will for all who are dealing with major stuff life has given us. Have a peaceful and positive day to all!

Your new friend,

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Going back to the credits issue, here are some good news...
Photo of bluesmanSF

bluesmanSF, Champion

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Nice work! I'd say, for the company name being credited, that should suffice and that adding names for same work would be redundant.
Photo of ljdoncel

ljdoncel, Champion

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I agree with you, bluesman. I prefer the old policy, but it looks that it's been relaxed recently (see
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Hey Bluesman,

I asked about this in reference to VFX crew, over at CH in this thread, PENDING: Should VFX crew be *required* to list their immediate employer?
Staffer Will replied that the policy was under review, slapped a PENDING label on my OP, and I never heard back.

What did occur, was that the paragraph stating that uncredited credits wouldn't be accepted for work where the company was credited was quietly removed from the Helpdesk FAQ on the subject,
I worked on a title but did not receive a screen credit. Can I be listed on IMDb?

The text remains however on this page,
What kind of credits are eligible to be included in the database?

Also if a company or team worked on a film (for example a visual effects company) and received an onscreen credit for its contribution, then an individual who worked as part of that company or team is not eligible to be listed in IMDb because he's already covered by the collective company credit. In other words if company XYZ worked on a film production and is credited on the film, you are not eligible for a credit even if you were a XYZ employee at the time, unless you also received on-screen billing.

The same rule applies to production credits. An executive or president or head of a studio or company that produced a film is not entitled to receive a producer credit on a film, unless he/she is actually credited onscreen in that role.

I expect that it not being removed from here also was an oversight, but it remains while no official change in policy has been announced.

I would submit that particular credit using the Edit page button on the title page for Dead Man Down as

Mark DeSimone ... ADR Mixer: Soundtrack ... (uncredited)

with capitalization as shown and let staff sort it out. If they accept it when full info has been presented, that's not on you.
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Mark DeSimone

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Hi All,

Sorry it has been a crazy week with my wife's very slow recovery and it being pilot season. I have worked on 6 TV shows as well as 3 movies I have been continuing on. Thank you again! I have been doing some searching and I have found some credits.

Here is "Gravity", "Vinyl" all of season 1, 
Miami Ink (TV Series documentary) (sound re­-recording mixer ­ 2 episodes) ­ The Garver Special (2006) ... (sound re­-recording mixer) ­ The Kat Special (2006) ... (sound re­-recording mixer)
"D.Asian" - Re-Recording Mixer, "Fan Girl", Some Golden Reel Award nominations that I could find. "Red Hook Summer" a few I can't Identify, any help would be great! I don't know how to prove that I worked on over 40 + Homelands, and other TV shows that I have done a tremendous amount of episodes.

 I have also added an email from the supervising editor I am working with now on a feature and Everest, Gravity and numerous others over the last 20+ years.. I left out names out of this being a public forum and respect for there privacy.

I feel pretty defeated today and I have done a lot of looking, but in the end my large amount of credits are gone, and even if they are called "uncredited" I do not appear on the IMDB page for the exact show, so no one will know I am there. Have a peaceful night to all, and good health!

Thank you,


Hey Mark,

I'm appalled that they didn't give you a credit on 'Everest'. I'm so sorry about that - no-one ever asked me who should be on it. Ridiculous really as I'm the one who'd be able to tell them - but we know how that goes after the horribly inaccurate 'Gravity' ADR Mixer credit order.

For once, I've actually just been asked about credits and I sent an email out this morning with your name on it for this show, so I hope they follow through. I'll chase it up with X too. I was just chatting with X about this very thing before I got your email. X has had some of the same - doing a lot of sessions, or the main character and not receiving a credit.

Is there anything I can do with regards to IMDB - vouch for you on anything I've worked on with you? It really stinks that you're not getting the credit you deserve - so unfair. 

Lovely to hear your voice yesterday and looking forward to talking with you again tomorrow!
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bluesmanSF, Champion

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Emails aren't going to help. You might skip posting such things...the thread is messy enough (which is also why I suggested posting small lists of those titles needing attention, in a new thread).

Also, you posted screen shots...did you make submissions to add the titles or are you just dropping them here for others to do it for you? It's not clear.
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Another round:

(first I'll repost here the screenshots provided by Mark, adding on the title they were captured from, to ease the verification by IMDB data managers; some of them, such as Gravity or The Imitation Game had already been posted before, and I've been able to track [and confirm directly by watching] the origin of some of the unidentified ones)

Now, the new ones:

With all the screenshots from above I've sent update 160501-193222-232000 to restore the legit credited entries collected by now. I hope it'll be approved.
Photo of Mark DeSimone

Mark DeSimone

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lj, thank you so, so very much! I appreciate this more than you know! blues, I am not trying to get out of doing my posting, or drop it here for someone to pick up. I am actually very confused. I thought you wanted me to post what I had and could find here. I am not sure how lj does it so clean and nice, but I do not have a clue how to do this in this community. I really do apologize.

I only posted that email so you would all know that I am not a fraud, but that all the work that I had submitted, I did. Also the fact that "Everest" was brought up and that related to it. I have many emails saying the same that I will not share. I really feel that because of my wife's bad condition that I will just not be able to do this and forget about it all. She needs all of my care when I am not mixing. I wish I could quit work for now, but I can't. 

I have another 10 new TV and Films to put in but now I don't want to add to my IMDB mess, so I will not for now. Thank you all for everything, and again lj...THANK YOU!!!!

Photo of bluesmanSF

bluesmanSF, Champion

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I am not trying to get out of doing my posting, or drop it here for someone to pick up. I am actually very confused. I thought you wanted me to post what I had and could find here
Not implying that at all...perhaps I should just let you and the other work it seem not to understand anything I type...and that's fine.

Others who are helping you need to know, though, what's been submitted and what hasn't. 

As to posting screen caps...the site's page data editors are the one's who will need to see screen caps of your name in the credits to help verify what is submitted.  So, you can do that various ways.  One is to post the screen caps here (it doesn't need to be done the way any one other user does it...but the way ljdoncel does it makes it very clear, especially when updating the whole cast list...which is a good idea to do, if it needs updating and it actually would help yours get accepted....but that's another story...which 800 credits to worry about, I wouldn't worry if I were you). You can simply post it...though it should show enough of surrounding credits, etc., to show that it's the same title you're submitting it to.

That done, you can do one of two things...either include the submission number here with a note to staff to attach your screen cap to your submission (difficult with this long thread chuck full of unrelated chit chat and emails etc.-why I suggest leaving out what's not needed and emails are not going to be proof of anything-and why I suggested 5 times, or so, you do a separate thread with a workable list of titles...) or you can copy/paste this threads URL into your submission so that they have the link to the screen caps.

With this thread being difficult to work with because of it's size and because of all the unrelated posts, I would recommend what I use,  It would allow you to create a screen cap, put it into your dropbox, right-click and copy a link to the screen cap, then you can paste it into the submission you've made so they can just click it and see your screen cap.

Hope this makes it clearer...the data editor is the one needing to verify the credit when you submit to add one.  So, if you send a submission, but post the screen cap here, he/she won't see it and know the two go together unless you either give a link to the screen cap within the submission itself (if it's a correction, there's an option to add an "explanation"-use that-if it's an addition, you can add to the section on the form that says, "miscellaneous comment"-it's near the end of the edit form-and you can add the link there), or if you post the screen cap here and ask staff to forward to the data editor and give them the submission Reference Number so they know, to which submission the screen cap goes.  So just sending a submission and then posting a screen cap here won't usually mean the data editor will see it and connect he two.

I don't care if you submitted it or not, I am asking because if not, I'd have done so...if so, I'd skip it (as the others helping out would also do). Sorry if you thought there was more to it than that.

I only posted that email so you would all know that I am not a fraud
I sincerely doubt anyone thinks you're a fraud (and wouldn't this be an odd thing to be creating fraud over???).  That should be the last thing you should be worried about. Even if you're a fraud, there still seem to be a LOT of credits listing the name, so it all still needs to be added, where it's missing.  That's what IMDb is/does.

I think everyone would agree with you if you decided not to worry about this all now.

Anyway, I'll avoid adding any more to your confusion and wish you best of luck!

Take care and take care of your family, first and foremost
Photo of Mark DeSimone

Mark DeSimone

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Please know that I sincerely appreciate everything you have done even through the early misunderstanding on my part. I do understand that this thread is a mess. I was not sure about starting a completely new thread, but I can if you have a title that you think will work :) I really don't want you to stop helping me and I know you have sent info earlier that I was to overladed to really understand. The fraud part was from an earlier email of yours and I did not want anyone to feel I was taking advantage, so that is why I did that. I am very appreciative of all of the help especially because everyone is dealing with life issues, and you know that best :) You are in my prayers as long as needed :) If you feel that I should go back to the IMDB original way I submitted but add in a link eg. dropbox, or similar, I can do that, as well as add a miscellaneous comment etc...or if you feel doing it in the community is just as good I will do that. Sorry to be a pain, but understand that I help others everyday at the studio all the time my whole life, so I do really appreciate when someone helps me...I am not usually on the receiving end :) So TRHANK you all!

Photo of bluesmanSF

bluesmanSF, Champion

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The fraud part was from an earlier email of yours and I did not want anyone to feel I was taking advantage
My comment above that mentioned "fraudulently added credits"  was meant to mean that staff probably saw the huge list of non-existent credits listed, thought it's possible there was some sort of fraud going on, and reacted to it. 

Not that you, personally, are a "fraud."

As I seems you and I speak different languages. But thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.  The support is appreciated!...I can't tell you how much!

Any of the ways of getting the screen shots to the right person is as good as the other...I think dropbox is the easiest.  But with others working on your list, it's a good idea to keep a list of what's still needed or what has been submitted, if you do submissions not mentioned here, but on your one list.  It's difficult for folks to help out with such a big list (and this thread is increasingly difficult to follow).  Thus the suggestion to divide it into sections and take a run at them one section at a time. Especially if you could edit out from the list, those not available yet, those you know are not credited but only you can provide evidence, etc. It makes it a lot easier to follow and to see which titles should/can be researched by others.  But, whatever works.

Good luck, prayers and best wishes too!  Hoping for great things and always progress.  Hoping you have lots of support around you who can help you keep things positive for you and your wife!
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blues, we are good and I do appreciate all you have done! I really do. If I start a new thread should I title it the same with something different at the end? I want to make sure everyone knows its me and a continuation. Also I can definitely separate into sections as I work this out. I have posted "Trainwreck", and "The Confirmation" with dropbox support, but I did that for "Foxcatcher" and it was uncredited, so I will see about this.

The prayers and thoughts mean more than anything else in the crazy thread blues....big hug!
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Hi lj,

I hope you are well!

I wonder if you can explain to me how you added 22 credits for me. I thought I could only do one show at a time? I can't get access to your post because they say I did not post it. I wanted to see how you did it :) Thank you!

Also if anyone has any thoughts why I posted "Foxcatcher" with a miscellaneous comment and a link to the onscreen credit and they gave it to me "uncredited"? Here is the link

Thank you all again, Mark
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Hi, Mark:

Contributors typically submit data starting from a title page (by clicking on the button at the bottom) because the usual practice is to audit the on-screen credits of a show and enter the names and their roles in a single update (since all those entries belong to the same title).

Similarly, when we want to submit credits that belong to a same person (as in this case), we can submit them in a single update starting from the name page for that person.

...with others working on your list, it's a good idea to keep a list of what's still needed or what has been submitted...
I absolutely agree with bluesman. This thread has become difficult to follow not only for the IMDB data managers but as well for anyone who'd like to work in collecting evidence. That's why in a moment I'll open a new thread with a detailed listing of titles including links to the screenshots (I've reunited all the screengrabs posted so far and I've uploaded them to the public folder of my Dropbox account) for an easier verification.

If you or anybody get new screenshots, please post them on this thread (not on the new one), so I can still be able to edit the OP of the new thread and keep it up-to-date. Thank you.
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I can't thank you enough for this time and help!! I am trying to track down as much as I can. There will be a lot that will not have credits, but I have proof that I worked on them by the official Soundtrack schedule. I can't screenshot that to a public posting thought :( It shows everything. I understand they would say uncredited, but unless it is more private I can't post it. 

I agree with bluesman as well. I went in blind and did not know it would be such a mess, but that is what happens when you are in a hospital room and stressed :) Lesson learned :)

Sorry for the ignorance, but how will I know where your new thread is or what it is titled? 

THANK YOU so very much again!! Mark
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Hi, Mark:
I can't screenshot that to a public posting thought :( It shows everything. I understand they would say uncredited, but unless it is more private I can't post it.
If you want to send non-public information only to IMDB staff, you can upload the documents to your Dropbox account and share the link privately with them via this form.

...but how will I know where your new thread is or what it is titled?
The thread is here.

All my best wishes for you and your wife! Alegre
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I understand they would say uncredited, but unless it is more private I can't post it.

If you have, it's easy to use and you can put a screen shot into your dropbox, right click it and copy a link you can paste into your submission. 

When it's been processed, just delete it. No one sees it but you and the recipient of the link.

As to being uncredited without proof...that's not how it works.  Credited means your name appears in the credits.  Uncredited means your name does not appear in the credits.  One doesn't become the other for lack of evidence.  Lack of evidence leads to rejection of the submission altogether.  It's inaccurate to change it to "uncredited" just because they cannot verify it. You need to know whether it's credited or uncredited before you submit it and submit it right.  Then your proof needs to be, for credited, something that proves your name appeared in the a screen cap of your name in the credits.  If uncredited, they'd expect some document that shows you worked on the project. Call sheets, pay records, contracts, whatever you have.

But what you have as evidence doesn't dictate whether an entry is credited or uncredited.  Only the on screen credits dictates this.

Also, by the way, I don't know what sensitive info a "soundtrack schedule" includes but if you can always black out sensitive information and just leave the specifics...title to which it pertains, your name, your job title, etc. They don't need to see phone numbers, other names, references to payment, social security numbers, etc.  Sensitive info like that should be blacked out before posting here in public. Blacking out sensitive information would not keep it from working as a valid piece of evidence as long as it shows enough to verify you worked and in what capacity, for the purpose of adding a credit.

I hope that made sense.
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lj, I apologize for being so repetitive, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! My wife is not great but I have faith and I know time is the great test :) It means a lot! I told Lisa what you and bluesman were doing for me and she had tears. She was so upset when she found out. I tried to keep it from her, but we have been together for 30 years and not much gets hidden. We had our 30th in the hospital room!

Anyway I did not want to use the new thread for any of this talk. I am afraid to even post to that so I don't mess it up :) Any advice for that would be great on what I should and should not post there :)

bluesman thank you for the above info. Just so you both know what I can do. I started at Soundtrack, New York, at the end of 2006. I can get schedule screen shoots back that far. Before that I was at Magno Sound and Video for 17 years, but the studios are gone, and I have nothing to show unless I received a credit.

I feel the community is a great place to get the credits back and work together, but as I said I don't feel I can post the schedule which has other info in it, and I don't have the ability to black out. I would also have hundreds, and hundreds of screen grabs. 

So how can we work together and still have me send to IMDB the way you both said with a dropbox link and using the Edit page as lj described above. I am so blessed for this teamwork approach, but I want to know what you need me to do so I don't disrupt the community work.

That schedule show everything that would prove that I was on the sessions.

bluesman, I hope you are doing well and I still pray for your needs and the support I know you also need :)

Let me know if using this thread for this type of communication is ok, if not just please advise.

Have a great day to you both!!

yours in debt,