Live Poll: Americans Speak British, Brits Speak American

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As reported by Variety*, ex-pat actors rated the accents of well-known performances by British actors playing Americans and American actors playing Brits.

Whatever you thought of the accent, which of these was your favorite performance?

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Posted 3 years ago

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Meryl Streep, Interesting and good poll suggestion. I think Variety's panel got this one right for the most part.
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Dick Van Dyke
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People: Rosamund Pike
Titles: Gone Girl (2014)
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Sean Astin.
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How did Costner get any better than a 0? He's not even trying to do the accent in that movie. Say what you will about DVD's cockney accent, but at least he's going for something.
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this list has obviously never heard of Daniel Day Lewis. the clear cut winner when it comes to brits doing american accents.