An attempt to vandalize GS user IMDb page with a title addition

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Fellow GS user Ed Jones just got his name added to a title on IMDb which should be either or deleted altogether. I guess it more or less fits minimal critera for addition, however how credits were added is a vandal edit at it's finest. As you can see on the YouTube screener of the title in question, there are credits absolutely none of which actually includes name "Ed Jones". 

Oh, and to Ed himself, for future reference: please do not try to correct plot summaries of such titles, as it further makes reverting the edits difficult. The worst part of this vandal edit is that it was based on a real, possibly eligible title, not a fake one.    
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Posted 10 months ago

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One good thing is now that everybody has visited my page this week, my STARmeter will more than likely peak at it's nighest number ever!
I'm #2 in Ed Jones' in IMDb searches right now.
Started out last in in Eds in 2016 and with everybody's support from the work here I have stayed as the 2nd or 3rd Ed Jones in the database since December.
Thanks to all of you that are here or come here and visit my actors page. Photos coming soon!
Those page visits mean a lot to me.
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Thanks for raising this. I think that these credits are legitimate (for another Ed Jones), but have just been added to the wrong name page. I've moved them to the correct page now and marked those roles as uncredited on the title.

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Will, what makes you think that Cosby video by Cliff E was made by a guy named Ed Jones? This Ed Jones's page clearly has wrong credits:

Let's take a look at his credits.
1. Hong Kong Taxi
Here's the link on IMDb that shows "Hong Kong Taxi":
If you look under the video it says music and images by Ed Jones / AFP. I looked him up and found two pictures of him.

This picture is taken from this article that he wrote about Hong Kong Taxi:

Here's another picture of him:

Here's the YouTube link listed on IMDb to the title called "Cosby Speaks by Cliff E" from that particular Ed Jones IMDb page:

Here's a picture of that "Ed Jones" who apparently created that Cosby Speaks by Cliff E video:

This ED Jones is CLEARLY not the same Ed Jones who directed the Hong Kong Taxi video listed above.

Also, another credit on this Ed Jones (XXI) page lists the title "Walking. Here's the link on IMDb that shows "Walking":
And here's a picture of this particular Ed Jones:

This Ed Jones is a singer and he also has music on Spotify which can be found here:

Here's another picture of this Ed Jones singer:

Obviously all three credits on the Ed Jones (XXI) IMDb are NOT from the same Ed Jones. One of them is a young white guy, another is an old African-American man, and another is a younger African-American man. There is no way that "Cosby Speaks by Cliff E" was created by a man named Ed Jones, UNLESS it is Ed Jones (XLIX) on these forums. They are both named Ed Jones, and according to IMDb Cliff E is actually named Ed Jones. And the Ed Jones on these forums also goes by the name E Cliff Jonz which you can see in his bio.

If Ed Jones (XLIX) is not Ed Jones (XXI), then the IMDb page of another person named Ed Jones has wrong credits.