Attention IMDb Staff: Are user created lists with adult titles blocked?

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At one time unless a user elected to view adult titles, they would not be able to view lists that contained at least one adult title. With the current list functionality, I am not certain that this is still the case.

Why this is currently relevant is that one of the authors of a poll included an adult title in one of his lists intended as a poll suggestion.
The Most Controversial Movies

I confirmed that IMDb considers one of the titles (The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)) an adult film by comparing Advanced Title Searches (ATS) that included and excluded adult titles.

1. Does IMDb still block lists with adult titles unless someone elects to see adult titles?
2. If a list has an adult title and that adult title is removed from the list, will the list still be blocked?
3. If a list with an adult title were to mistakenly go live, what will happen?

Given the nature of this question, I wasn't certain which category I should use. If I used the wrong category, would an IMDb staff member please assign it to the right category.
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Posted 9 months ago

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the post and great questions.

I'm not sure of the aswers so have cut a ticket with the appropriate team and will let you know the answer when we hear back.


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As Hoekkie points out, the title that is excluded by the adult filter seems to be Deep Throat, not Human Centipede II.

Your first question seems simple to answer as when I disable adult titles in the regular search feature I am still able to see Hoekkie's list.
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Thanks Peter, for confirming that Hoekkie's list is still viewable when the adult filter is in place.

After reading Hoekkie's response, I verified that Deep Throat is the adult title instead of Human Centipede II.