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The 2012 and 2013 Oscar Highlights Badges are great ideas.But I think IMDb should make more and more of these badges including not only 6 movies, but 20 or 25. E.g.: War movies, silent movies and based on the badges you earn, you could get higher and higher on the ladder. I also think this should not be a contest, it should be private.Personally I love these challenges, I would go for the badges :)
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They are trying not to make this into a game..its a "Badge of Honour" for your services to IMDb of sorts...not "Collect 10 badges and win 3 DVD's from Amazon" ....

I agree, they do need to make more badges for those that actually love this site, you can add your "VALID" suggestions here >
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I'm not averse to the gamification of some of the badges, as long as they are tagged on the end of the more important ones (staff, top contributors, etc.) and there is a way to switch them off from appearing on your profile (presumably by making your ratings private, but if there is demand for it, there could be a switch in the account settings too), as they are just for fun.

Granted some people will just hammer out ratings to get them but then an awful lot of people will use them as an excuse for watching more films (as if we really needed an excuse). For example, I was tempted to vote on the Oscar films to get the badges, but only as part of the beta testing as I don't really want them if I've not "earned" them.

So if there was a Top 250 film badge for voting for all the Top 250, I know I have watched and rated the bulk of them so it'd encourage me to dig out the others and cast my eye over them (there are a few I've watched so long ago that I haven't rated them, and keep meaning to rewatch them to give them the right rating - I have Kurosawa's films ready for a marathon back-to-back watching so I can ensure they are all properly rated in relation to each other. Weird I know but that's how I roll ;) ). There are problems with this - would it be dynamic? As we've seen films tend to bubble up into the Top 250 and then drop out again, so you'd always be losing the badge and working to get it back again. I like this idea but it might be confusing and a pain (as you are going to get people on here asking about it) and, more critically, it might be a drain on resources, so you get it for watching the Top 250 at the time you see the last film.

I also quite like the idea that there could be grades of badges:

* Master of Horror - watched 1,000 horror films
* Overlord of the Battlefield - watched 500 war movies

Keep the badges the same (one for each genre) and just change the rank.

When working as intended this'd either encourage people to watch more films and/or give people a nice incentive to rate films they've watched and/or provide a fun way of tracking your movie-watching obsession.
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I don't think they should appear anywhere except privately in your profile, because in case it is not private, people would rate and rate without watching the movie.

It's just for somebody's own entertainment. E.g. I had The Iron Lady on my watchlist since it came out, but I could never feel like watching it, but after I've seen that it is included in the Oscar Highlights badge, I said 'come on, I'm gonna watch it sometimes anyway, why not now? and + I'm gonna get a shiny badge for it' :)
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Like lists, I think that the individuals should perhaps be able to select privacy setting on their badges.
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Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
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IMDb definitely needs to give you this badge for seeing The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
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I totally agree! More badges! I've watched so many movies & I feel like I deserve some badges for it haha. I only have 3. :(

I like the idea that Emperor put forth, about ranks of badges, like at 25 Beginner, 50 Amateur, 100 Novice, 150 Expert, 300 Master, 500 Grand Master, etc. I think they should be specifically related to ratings, as this would definitely incentivize rating and encourage people to rate more movies. Like the horror films & war movie ideas! Here are some ideas myself:
-Rating Machine (number of movies you've rated overall)
-Funny Valentine (rom-com movies rated)
-SuperRater (superhero movies rated)

It would also be cool to use a badge to show of the movies you have rated, what actor or actress has been in the most.
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I wish they would. Not only do they look nice, but I like the challenge to get them. Sometimes the boards can be slow with no new posts so I'll check out a badge to earn. I wish they create new ones for the Oscar since it's come and gone going even dither back since 1995.
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Franchise-based badges would be neat as well, with a nice gradation of difficulty.

Such as:
One badge to rule them all for the LOTR/Hobbit movies
The Godfather
Indiana Jones
All Harry Potter movies
Each Star Wars trilogy
Each Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase
Each Star Trek film series
All Star Trek episodes

This would give a level of accomplishment in addition to individual ratings, creating incentive to watch through well-respected franchises with the possibility of finding easter eggs :)
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Fancy badges would be fun but in no time, we would run of of space to put them. Col Needham has 42 badges but I know many others with more. If they go with the idea for fancy new badges, then maybe they should create a sub-section for it such as "" for example and also reduce the size of those "fancy" badges? with their main badges such as Imdb Contributor (years on site) , rank (Staff or board contributors) and actual contribution to IMDb (lifetime totals for each section) remaining on the main profile page.
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Being able to collapse or link to a longer list of badges would definitely be a must.
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I like the IMDb badges and I'd like if there were more to collect. I have some ideas for some new ones:

A badge for:
- having seen all the movies on top 250 (I know they change all the time, but still could work?)
- having seen all the movies that won the best picture at the Oscars.
- 1000 rated movies. 5000 rated movies. 10000 rated movies....

And still, I would love more of them!

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