Live Poll: Best Music Score in 2018

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Which of the following scores do you think is THE BEST OF 2018?


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Akash Charudatta Deshpande

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Posted 4 months ago

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Peter, Champion

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First Man
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Ed Jones (XLIX)

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First Man also.
Music from 1969 and older....
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Mission Impossible - Lorne Balfe.

I mean, that score was phenomenal. It reminds me a bit the intensity of the score in Inception or in Die Hard.
On both of this films the score was a huge part of the experiencing of watching and I feel the same thing on MI-6.
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rubyfruit76, Champion

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Hi Akash, it' s so good to see you around again. 

There's no name listed under "A Star is Born.'

I loved the scores for 'BlacKkKlansman' and 'The Favourite;' I'll probably vote for whichever one isn't getting as many votes. 

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Ed Jones (XLIX)

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Pictures RubyF76 on the Knockin Door Poll

Oh and my choice Number 2 is
Vox Lux
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Peter, Champion

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A Star Is Born doesn't have a main composer. It primarily has songs. I guess it is debatable whether it should be included here. It could be called a song score.
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Rowan Alexander Crump

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Scott Walker did the score for 'Vox Lux' actually
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A few people pointed it out above, but A Star is Born does not have a score. A score is non-diagetic music written specifically for a film. A Star is Born has many songs that would classify as a soundtrack, but that is not a score.

It's also worth noting that The Favorite does not have a score either. It's all pre-recorded classical music, hence classifying as a soundtrack. A composer is listed, but it seems to be an incorrect or misplaced credit.

So two of the options on this list are incorrect. Sorry I didn't catch it sooner. I also might have given some score suggestions if I got here in time...
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Also, the score for Solo: A Star Wars story was by John Powell. John Williams wrote a new theme for the movie, and would be worth noting in parenthesis, but the score itself is by John Powell. 

As for some FYCs, even though they're probably pointless now:
- The Cloverfield Paradox (Bear McCreary)
- Colette (Thomas Adès)
- The Miracle Season (Roque Baños)
- Searching (Torin Borrowdale)
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Dan Dassow, Champion

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