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Three interrelated points, mainly regarding UK users (but more widely for other EU/non-US countries, as well): 

(1) Why are cinema phone numbers only on the website under each cinema, but they're not in the apps (iOS for me) where users are likely to use them more (by hitting the phone number to call them on users' smartphones, as a very obvious example)?
Also, why does IMDB not also offer a link to the cinema's website where we can gather info and book tickets? 

(2) Any likelihood of being able to see ticket info/prices within IMDB (preferably using the IMDB apps) in the near or distant future? 

(3) Or even better (dare I ask!) to actually book tickets from the IMDB app/website – either directly within it, or even just via linking across to the cinema's own website/apps to do so? 

At the moment it's an absolute pain to have to do all this whilst trying to use IMDB's cinema listing database. Users have to go around separate cinema apps (or their website presence, for smaller cinemas who don't have apps) to even find the ticket prices, nevermind book the actual tickets. 

For example, in London where I live, there are hundreds of cinemas I may catch a film (especially smaller releases with limited distribution), so it's not like I have only a regular couple of places to book, but rather a plethora of chains and small places that may be showing a given film. Having to find their app/website and check prices/availability is a complete pain – and all this despite IMDb listing virtually every cinema in the city, and usually (though not always correct, unfortunately) their showtimes as well. 

In the US, I believe you have Fandango within the IMDB apps/website to book any cinema tickets, don't you? So is this something even possible for the UK and elsewhere, or is this going to continue to be just a pipe dream for years to come for IMDB users...any plans? 
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You make some excellent points. I'll investigate further.
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So here we are 4+ years later, and no improvement to core film booking functionality. Rather oddly. 

I know it's likely an industry problem, with cinemas/chains not wanting to lose revenue to a mass ticket bureau (like Fandango in the US), but really where's the excuse for IMDB to not link to booking pages of said cinema/chain in order to do so...?

Also, I notice the bottom of each cinema listings page says, "Movie showtimes data provided by West World Media and is subject to change." So one wonders if that company can help here...? Although looking at their website (, on the surface it looks like they sell booking systems to cinemas/chains instead(?). 

Presumably this is some sort of commercial decision by IMDB. By refusing direct links even to their websites as some sort of added pressure for cinemas/chains to play ball with them, some time in the future. 

No wonder mine and other people's cinema-going has diminished. If cinemas can't be bothered to sort their act out and make online booking easier, then why should we bother booking and going-out to them in the first place! Laughable chicken and egg situation. 

'...Let's make it as difficult as possible for people to see our prices/availability/book tickets, on online movie websites, and that'll really improve the likelyhood of them bothering to come visit us at all...'

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