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The credits for The Bride of Frankenstein are quite funny, but it also brings the following question:

In the opening and ending credits, The Monster's Mate portrayed by Elsa Lanchester is attributed as "?". This credit is already listed in the Crazy Credits, but not in the Cast Overview. 

I tried to add it to the page, but it was declined:

Elsa Lanchester is only credited for the role of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in the credits.

The Monster's Mate is attributed to ?

I don't want the users to believe that she is credited as ?, but it is impossible to make the distinction in the Cast Overview.

I have seen a similar case where the credit was listed in Crazy Credits and in Cast Overview.

I don't know what to do. However, there is a rule that stipulates:

Attributes are used when some detail of a credit must be recorded that cannot be described in the standard entry.
Is it better to simply let it as it is in Crazy Credits or add it in the Cast Overview as well.

There is the proof that she is credited as ? for the role of "The Monter's Mate"

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Cinephile: As long as we are on this topic, I think we need to determine what the official title of this movie is.

I watched the film on DVD about a week ago, and I noticed that the title is shown like this:

Notice that the title is given as Bride of Frankenstein, with no "The" at the start, yet IMDb lists the film as The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

If the original title in 1935 had "The", then IMDb is correct but "Bride of Frankenstein" should be listed as an alternate title for the USA. But if not, the official title in IMDb should be corrected.

(I realize that this doesn't answer Cinephile's question, but I figure that some of the same people will be interested in answering both issues.)
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Honestly, this is interesting, Gromit.

I doubt that the version that I watched was the 1935 one so I can't say, I will do some research about it.
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This always bugs me... on other sites.  I thought IMDb always had it right (no "The")--seems like they do now at least, or at least that's the title display I have.
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She’s not credited as ”?”, so I see no reason why it should be listed to the character field. Current situation is just fine if you ask me.
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She is portraying The Monster's Mate, but if you look the image that I provided there you see:

However, If you look at Boris Karloff his role, he is only credited as "Karloff":

So I see 2 reasons:

1) Every character is attributed as on the Ending and Opening credits except for The Monster's Mate.

2) IMDb always wants the Cast Overview to be exact to the billing in the credits.
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IMDb previously had attributes like "(also as)" for cases of several credits under different names. Since then such attributes were removed in favor of several "(as)" attributes in order that we see in credits. 

Logically credit should have two attributes: firstly "(as Elsa Lanchester)" and secondly "(as ?)". I am actually interested on what official position might be on this, because cases like that are not at all rare. 
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The filmmakers are just trying to say that it’s a some kind of mystery (hence ”?”) who the monster is. And probably not a very serious way. Meaning, that ”?” is not really a character.

But in the end, this is IMDb’s call of course. Just my 2 cents.
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Hi all

If it can be verified that the character of Monster’s Mate was played by Elsa Lanchester then we shouldensure that the credit is attributed to her. 

Tomaintain the integrity of the on screen listing an (also as ?) attribute couldbe used, so that should would be listed as;


Lanchester, Elsa         Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly/TheMonsters Mate           (also as ?)        5

I hope this helps!

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(also as) can't be used anymore. I get an automatic rejection when attributing it to (also as ?).

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein.


I tried to correct Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein cast credits without success. I put here.

In Frankenstein, Boris Karloff appears as "?" in the opening credits, but as "Boris Karloff" in ending credits, while in Bride of Frankenstein, Elsa Lanchester plays two characters, Mary Shelley and The Monster's Mate, and in the second character, she is credited as "?".

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Hey all - checking this issue through I think this is a fairly peculiar one. For Frankenstein I think it's pretty simple to just go by the closing credits, that's our default for other titles so we can leave that as is and not worry too much about it.

For Bride of Frankenstein this is a bit more complicated but I think Jaime is right in that we should recognise the actress, and as she is credit for the first role it makes sense to leave as is as well. If anyone else has any conflicting ideas let me know, I'm happy to hear them out as our policies and guidelines don't really cover such a peculiar case!