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My earlier suggestion to ask FB to allow IMDB users to log into its comments plugin (as quite a few people using IMDB don't have an FB account):

Was based on the assumption that we'd not get the old comments system back. However, I ran into a problem reporting abusive posts on a list's comments, because you need to be logged into FB to report abuse, which got me thinking:

With new login and account creation options available through IMDB, there is a strong case for bringing the old comments system back.

Compare and contrast:

FB social media plugins allow you to use:
* FB - it also appears that you need an FB account to report a post, so even if they followed my suggestion and allowed people to use their IMDB login to post comments, you couldn't report abuse - a troll's paradise
* Yahoo
* Hotmail

With the new accounts options you can get into IMDB using:
* FB
* Google
* Amazon - this is rather important, users of IMDB's parent company can't post comments on lists within IMDB without using another account (which they might not have). It'd be a tricky one to explain to the bosses.

All you'd need to do is add Twitter (and perhaps Open ID?) and you have all the big new media giants covered (which must account for as high a percentage of prospective users as anyone could ask for - people still excluded would be doing so willfully and presumably wouldn't be interested in signing up here anyway), while the FB plugin's other options are all pretty much old hat (terribly mid-naughties, dontchano - they might as well throw in MySpace too for the set), which underlines the problem with being beholden to FB for the logins, they seem to have gone out of their way to exclude the other new media giants because of disputes they've had with them:

So what you would get with bringing comments back in-house is:

* Opening it up to more users
* Allowing proper abuse reporting

As the code is still there you don't even have to go to the trouble of creating this system - it was already there working properly.

So I genuinely can't see any good argument for keeping the FB comments (unless they are paying IMDB I suppose, but I doubt they'd do that) - it was an interesting experiment, but the old comments system beats the FB one on all counts.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I support this, since I will never use Facebook.
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I do have a FB account, but I'm considering closing it. In any case, IMDb needs to be kept separate from FB. They have different types of users. It's nice to come to IMDb and see film comments about the film, rather than the actor's politics. Leave that to to FB. I can't understand why IMDb would want to draw in all that abuse.

Keep IMDb separate from Facebook, by all means.
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you cant close your facebook account. ever. its always there. the only thing you could do is disable it, but its still there. its pure black evil, and you cant kill it.
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All i can additionaly contribute to.

Find my comments in lists

Problems between sync of IMDb and Facebook accounts

Why have been all of my replys in my list deleted?

IMDb solved the "add to list" bug. Now Facebook has to be gone! And it will be perfect.
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I was wondering why I couldn't comment to a list using my IMDB account; I guess this is why. I can comment to movie boards using my IMDB account but not lists? That's ridiculous. I do not want to link any other social media to IMDB. Does anyone read what a linked facebook or twitter account gives access to? Feeds, friends, tweets, comments...Ain't gonna happen. I used a throwaway email account just to make a comment here.
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I have an IMDB login and it has worked for me for over 13 years so why have you forsaken your own ID IMDB. Bring back the old system.  Out with the new in with the old.

I hate the "NSA" sponsored Facebook which basically takes one's private information and sells it to the highest bidder.  I do not have a Facebook account and will not get one to leave comments on your stories or lists.  I can't believe you force people into joining that fascist website in order to express our opinions.

I am sure IMDB will be one of the first websites to sponsor the new Facebook chip implants so they can take control of the human race.

Can you tell that I watch way too many movies, but please don't make us use Facebook and yes they are corporatocracy lapdogs. All hail Mark Zuckerberg.

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