Can it be changed so genres can be added to individual episodes of TV shows?

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There's a problem with IMDb posting inappropriate updates of genres to TV shows where some episodes might individually be described as being one genre that the series as a whole isn't, but IMDb lists it as this genre anyway.

For example, "Tales from the Crypt" is predominately a horror series, but has comedy episodes. Yet, "comedy" is listed as a series genre. I've deleted it repeatedly but it keeps getting re-added. If genres could be added to individual episodes, it might solve this problem.
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Posted 5 years ago

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For Description of individual notes  of movie could help to put after main dramatic moment of drama, where all conflicts begin to be understandable.

Few number of actions related to the development of personal relationships for trill  characters may be needed to experience in simple things, for next scene .: 

Next scene could be comedian if not vanish scene between, and if it uses after the previous one, then it could be success for another epizod.
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I always considered all of tales from the crypt to be horror/comedy. The keeper alone is funny/sarcastic even when some of the episodes dont manage to be
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"Tales from the Crypt" is a blend of horror/comedy, but has stand-out episodes that are closer to film-noir, animation, etc. Also, series like "Amazing Stories" have pretty unique stories that are harder to group into just a couple of genres.
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A good idea.

I think that the vast majority of episodes would not need any genre added, as the Series genres should suffice, but there are some exceptions.

As an example,  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003) has Action | Drama | Fantasy as genres which covers almost all the episodes, but in  Episode 6.7 Once More, with Feeling (2001)  :
Sunnydale is alive with the sound of music as a mysterious force causes everyone in town to burst into full musical numbers, revealing their innermost secrets as they do. But some townsfolk are dancing so much that they simply burst into flames, and it becomes clear that maybe living in a musical isn't so great after all.
so this episode (and only this episode) should have the genre Musical.
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For this particular episode, add "musical-episode" as a keyword.
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The next question is: once genre(s) have been added to a TV episode, should they become the only genre for the episode, or should the episode also inherit the genres for the series?

With the Buffy the Vampire Slayer example above, the correct answer would appear to be "inherit." But that's because this is a series about recurring characters and their evolving stories.

For an anthology series, like 
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954–1991), 729 episodes,
most episodes were independent, some had characters that spanned multiple episodes.

Do we also need a Genre "Anthology" to flag the difference?
See more at this thread.

 Phil Boroff suggests keywords to sort this out instead. My problem with keywords: too much variety. With Genres, you get a fixed few choices, so titles will cluster together. If someone submits keyword "music-episode" for one title and someone else "episode-music" for another, they are different, and the episodes won't cluster together. And, so far as I know, we have no "OR" functionality to create a search for either.
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So "episode-music" is an incorrect keyword. It should be "music-episode."  This has been the policy for many years, but some just don't seem to know about it or submit it.  Also, the keyword and genre list managers should watch this on submissions for any anthology show.
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I wasn't aware there was such a thing as an incorrect keyword. When I search for keywords, there seem to be plenty of variants without purpose that I can perceive: "firefighter" vs. "fire-fighter" was one I saw recently.

I'll admit that I haven't done much to learn about IMDb keywords. How would someone know that "(genre)-episode" keywords exist? 
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There is a submission guide that describes some restrictions on keywords, and other decisions have been made through discussions at the old help board, but it's also true that the norms are to a great extent defined by contributors. Phil has contributed more keyword data than most.

Episode genre keywords would be a good thing to mention in the submission guide - unless IMDb is able to add actual episode genres as suggested above.
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Hi Peter,

We've added this in now to the Keywords guide in response to this thread.