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I am beyond frustrated with Will's lack of willingness to engage with me or act in good faith, and I ask someone other than Will please try to work with me here. It's like I'm living in a world where the rules of logic no longer apply, and at this point I believe Will is purposefully trying to keep fake information on my IMDb profile out of some sort of spite.

This is in reference to VH1 Big in '05 production assistant credit, a fake credit that has been on my profile for years, and that I am trying to get removed. Please see my other posts for more background. I was told it would be removed if I could find the credits of the show and prove I am not in them, which I somehow managed to do for this 14 year old awards show, and Will still refuses to acknowledge the credit is fake, and refuses to answer why he still believes it is real.

From how I see it, IMDb either has [one submission or a collection of submissions or a collection of other "evidence"] we can collectively refer to as BOX A. The contents of BOX A lead IMDb to CONCLUSION B, that I was a credited production assistant on this production I did not work on. No matter what made up the contents of BOX A, it is an inarguable fact that it lead you to CONCLUSION B, a conclusion you were happy to accept for over a decade without question.

I came along and questioned CONCLUSION B. I was asked to provide evidence that CONCLUSION B was false, which I did. Therefore it is an undeniable fact that whatever evidence makes up BOX A is insufficient, and leads to false conclusions.

IMDb was willing to defend CONCLUSION B when doubt was cast on BOX A. And then I conclusively proved the contents of BOX A to be false. But instead of recognizing CONCLUSION B to be false, Will stuck to the proven-false narrative painted by BOX A in part, even though the entirety of BOX A is now demonstrably undermined.

This is completely and totally devoid of logic. I have the right to know why you are perpetuating this lie in the face of all logic and fact. You say it's because you still believe BOX A to be true, but that clearly is a bad faith argument at this point.

I explained where the credit came from. I even found the old account associated with the computer in my college dorm room from which the credit was originally submitted, and signed into that account to do the update from there. But still, you're choosing to believe an admitted and proven decade-old lie instead of taking this opportunity to correct the record and truly attempt to be the most complete and accurate database on the internet. You are choosing inaccuracy, and refusing to engage in good faith in any attempts to get to the truth.

At this point, no matter what the contents of BOX A are or where they came from, you know them to be tainted. Take the narrator out of it -- if it's a he-said-he-said of me from the past vs me from the future, then you could argue that I too am tainted. Except even with me removed from the equation, the credits still alone prove without a doubt that BOX A is false.

You are refusing to attempt to get the full, factual truth and instead clinging to an arbitrary part of the proven-false contents of BOX A. This is absurd, and the only conclusion one can reach at that point is that Will does not in fact have any interest in the accuracy of IMDb's database, and instead favors his own vindictiveness and pride.
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