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I have one series that mainly features interviews from various actors, musicians and celebrities. It's from the late 1990s, so press tours and interviews were a common practice back then. All TV interviews are conducted for the series, so no archive material and such.

Anyway, only the two main hosts, and two guest hosts (if any), are credited in the end credits, others are (usually) credited with captions in the course of the episode (e.g. when Morgan Freeman is being interviewed, the caption "Morgan Freeman" appears on the screen).


1) From the guide:
  • "For documentaries or talk shows where the people appearing on camera are generally not in a separate cast list, their first onscreen appearance where they are identified either by a caption or spoken name is used to determine the order. Any narrator/host listed in opening or closing credits would be treated as the first cast member, and would precede people identified only within the documentary."
In my case there's an episode where the "guest hosts" are introduced first (via spoken name - and later via captions), and the "main hosts" are credited in the end credits. The "guest hosts" are also credited in the end credits, but only after the main hosts.

Am I correct in my understanding that the "main hosts" still receive the credit order 1 & 2, and the "guest hosts" credit order 3 & 4? Even, when the "guest hosts" are basically introduced first in the episode?

2) In one episode, there are interviews with the selected members of the band Slayer - but (for some reason of another) they're not identified either by a caption or spoken name. At some point the caption "Slayer" appears, but not the actual names of the band members.

So, are they added:
- In the order number they appear in the episode, with the (e.g.) name: "Araya, Tom" - - - (as Slayer)
- No order number, with the (e.g.) name: "Araya, Tom" - - - (uncredited)

3) During the episode, two persons from another pop group gives a short promo of the episode (like: "Stay tuned for music from Slayer, coming later in this episode.."). The persons are not identified either by a caption or spoken name but, like with Slayer, their group is credited on the screen. The first name of the other person is mentioned, though (no captions).

So, are they added:
- In the order number they appear in the episode, with the (e.g.) name: "Doe, John" - - - (as The Band)
- No order number, with the (e.g.) name: "Doe, John" - - - (uncredited)
OR (the person whose first name is mentioned during the episode)
- In the order number she appears in the episode, with the (e.g.) name: "Doe, Jane" - - - (as Jane)

Thank you.

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Posted 3 months ago

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I think you are correct for #1. I would credit the main hosts first, followed by the guest hosts.

For #2 & #3, I believe this is covered by the "group credits" part of the cast guide.

  • If The Beatles are credited that way, we would not enter "Lennon, John (as The Beatles); McCartney, Paul (as The Beatles); Harrison, George (as The Beatles); Starr, Ringo (as The Beatles)" Instead, they would simply be credited as "Beatles, The".
  • In the above cases, individual members of the group can be added to credits with the (uncredited) attribute. 
    i.e. Help! (1965): Paul McCartney ... Paul - The Beatles (uncredited), or if appropriate (documentaries, talk shows etc.) Paul McCartney ... Himself - The Beatles (uncredited). 
So, in your case, Slayer would be credited and then you could add the individual members as uncredited.

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Ah, that could be the case. Then again* ”only” three members of the four with Slayer (at the time) are present on the interview, but I guess that won’t really matter - only the caption ”Slayer”.

I guess the order number should be for ”Slayer” then? One order number for the band, since the persons are not credited (only the band)?

( *Then again pt. 2: I believe Jeff Hanneman didn’t really give interviews anyway, so it was usually three out of four. )
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Yes, the order number would go with Slayer. I do not believe it is important whether all of "Slayer" was present, just that they were credited as "Slayer". (Because, if it required all members to be present, how would you deal with group credits after a member died, or for a band like Yes that has approximately 4,321 members?)

You could add the three members present as "Kerry King  Himself - Slayer (uncredited)"

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Hi Eboy,

Adrian is correct on all accounts here and kudos for the drumstick catch! The best I've ever got is a plectrum.

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