Change to the company links on the site

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    Earlier today we made an update to the site so that when you click on a company link you will be taken to a list of titles from that company. The list of titles is generated using Advanced Title Search. This is a change from recent behavior of when clicking on a company link you were taken to IMDbPro.

At the top of the list of titles there is a banner about IMDbPro, and if you click on that banner you can still go to the company page on IMDbPro, if that is what you are looking for.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Change to the company links on the site
Chris H., Official Rep
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IMDb Originals company :
841 titles

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YES, thank you very much. Like many other IMDb-users, I've been waiting for this too. :D Regards from Chribren. :)
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Thanks very much. Any reason this announcement isn't attached to "Data issues & Policy Discussion".? The people on that board might be more interested in it than the people on this board. Apart from that, not being able to see all the data for a company on regular IMDb seems to me to be a "data issue".
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While this is an improvement, I was hoping to get the list view back. Simple and detailed, everything displayed without unnecessary graphics etc. Because the advanced title search, with all its many options,  is missing the most obvious thing: what the function of the company was for the movies listed. E.g. in case of a distributor, it would be interesting to see when the movies was released in which way. This kind of basic information should not be behind a paywall.
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I am happy to get back the company credit stuff many IMDb-users, including me, have been waiting for in months. This is an improvement. But I agree about the unnecessary graphics you mentioned, as well as "this kind of basic information" you pointed out, as stated in your example, in case of a distributor. Also, I wish we could have the option to choose between 50 and 250 titles per page as we already can in the regular "advanced search" page, if not more since many big companies have thousands of titles. But for the time being, I will be using the company credits search as it is. This is just the beginning, so we will see what happens in the future. ;-)