Congratulations ElMaruecan82 on Reaching One Million Votes

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Congratulations ElMaruecan82!

As of 17-Oct-2018 8:31 PM Pacific you are the 3rd person to reach 1,000,000 votes. Your 514 polls have 1,002,148 votes with an average of 1,950 votes per poll. Your first poll went live on 05-Sep-2013. Your most current poll went live on 15-Oct-2018. Your top active poll Top 25 sequels better than the original ... has 27,352 votes.

This is the list of ElMaruecan82's polls as of 17-Oct-2018:

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Top 5 Active Polls:
Top 25 sequels better than the original ...
Memorable Existential Comedies
Which four-letter word makes a film the most successful?
Top 25 movies with a mind-blowing "last minute" ...
The 20 best Twist Endings of the 90's-OO's... 20 years ...

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Photo of Dan Dassow

Dan Dassow, Champion

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Posted 9 months ago

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Photo of rocky-o


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congrats elm...god bless ya' man...
Photo of Col Needham

Col Needham, Official Rep

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Congratulations and thanks! 
Photo of ElMo


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Thank you, Mr. Needham.

I am the one who's very grateful for everyone's help and support.
Photo of Peter

Peter, Champion

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Photo of ElMo


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Photo of ElMo


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Thanks Dan, thanks Rocky. 

One million... a main step done, it's hard to believe I was able to reach that number, that if it took let's say 5 seconds for a user to read the question and click on the vote, my polls then cumulated the equivalent of 2 months of non-stop voting. Yeah, I'm a math buff.

Thanks for the friendly board members who've always expressed kind and positive words and offered support and help at anytime on IMDb, GS or in private, thanks for Dan, thanks for the editors who picked the polls and well... I know there is (humbly speaking) a minority that doesn't share the same enthusiasm for my "ways of expressing things" (whether in form or content) which prompted me to leave the board... well,retrospectively, I can respect their view and I guess sometimes 'ignoring each other' can make up for good terms, if not friendly.

But to stay on a positive mood, I just wish everyone the best and I'll try to get back for a few Halloween suggestions in the next week, if not the next days, cheers!


Photo of Dibyayan Chakravorty

Dibyayan Chakravorty, Champion

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Is that vermicelli? I love that with chicken parts or in soup
Photo of Dibyayan Chakravorty

Dibyayan Chakravorty, Champion

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NOOOOOOO...It is 'Biryani'...!!!

Made with rice, meat, potato, egg and a mixture of delicious spices.
Photo of ElMo


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Ok, I like rice too.

Vermicelli is delicious, I'd be surprised if you didn't like it.
Photo of rocky-o


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sounds so good dib...

i love mei fun, which is also made with rice noodles...

ya' got me hungry now...thanx...
Photo of TheMovieSmith


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Photo of Jessica

Jessica, Champion

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Congrats, Elmo.
Photo of urbanemovies


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Congratulations, Well Done!
Photo of Kyle Perez

Kyle Perez

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Atta boy ElM! You can rest easy now, kid.

And well deserved, long time coming for this one.
Photo of Simo98


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Congratulations ElM.
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Ibrahim Akhtar

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Photo of Nikolay Yeriomin (Mykola Yeromin)

Nikolay Yeriomin (Mykola Yeromin), Champion

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Congratulations on that milestone, ElM.! Here's to another million! 
Photo of rubyfruit76

rubyfruit76, Champion

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Bravo, ElMo! Imagine how many people you've made smile and think and watch good movies and laugh. As one of those people, my sincere gratitude. : )