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I went down a rabbit hole.... 

Johnson, Lyndon (I) - merge with Johnson, Lyndon (X)
Contribution #190406-145820-719000

Massimino, Michael J. - merge with Massimino, Mike (II) He seems to prefer Mike.
Contribution #190406-014851-207000

Eubanks, Brian - delete credit
Contribution #190406-035936-651000

Gravy, Wavy - merge with Romney, Hugh
Contribution #190406-020102-849000

Snow, Jimmy - Name Correction to Jimmie Snow
Contribution #190406-150016-578000

Jones, Clarence (I) - merge with Jones, Clarence (II), Jones, Clarence (VI), Jones, Clarence (XIII), Jones, Clarence B. (II) and Jones, Clarence B. (VI) are all the same person
Contribution #190406-143414-872000
Contribution #190406-050730-821000

Peresman, Joel (I) - merge with Peresman, Joel (II)
Contribution #190406-001933-749000

Dallek, Robert (I) - merge with Dallek, Robert (II) - (also with Robert Dallel Edward... the “Edward" part is a typo)
Contribution #190406-134934-855000

O'Neill, Jimmy (I) - merge with O'Neill, Jimmy (IV)
Contribution #190406-141626-694000

Herrington, George & Herring, George - remove name from image
Contribution #190406-141130-382102

Herrington, George - remove credit
Contribution #190406-140958-136000

Dillz, Kosha (I) - merge with Dillz, Kosha (II)
Contribution #190406-061522-012000

Roberts, Gene (III) and Roberts, Gene (VII) photos and one credit need to be split from the others. White guy should go with The Sixties credit. Black guy with all the Malcolm X projects. Roberts, Gene (VII) and Roberts, Gene (V) should merge with the Malcolm X guy as well. I know this is confusing.
Contribution #190406-151550-212000

Lewis, John (VIII) - merge with Lewis, John (XLV)
Contribution #190406-051250-759000

Hayes, Denis (III) - merge with Hayes, Denis (I)
Contribution #190406-012832-746000

Khrushchev, Sergei (I) - merge with Khrushchev, Sergei (II) also KrushchevSergei and Khrushchyov, Sergei. All the same person.
Contribution #190406-001616-084000

Davis, Angela (XXV) - merge with Davis, Angela (I)
Contribution #190405-222752-081000

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Posted 5 months ago

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Be patient and wait 2 days before doing this and post the ones that are rejected only.
These are less than a day old.
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