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I have been contributing mostly for many years now on the Filming locations items. I have to say that the new version of the website makes it far more difficult than it was:

[[Edit: I realized this one paragraph was discussed & replied recently in another thread... but the rest holds!]]  The direct link to Locations (now "Filming & Production") is absent from the Reference View page. I noticed however that i can find it in the "Details" section on the right hand side pannel if I go to e.g. Keywords page.

The second problem I find with the new version, is the "Locations" search which now links results of a location search to the Movie pages, instead of the Locations results. This makes it impossible now to refer to existing locations, and I have to admit I give up now searching if a place exists before submission. You will probably have a wave of redundant locations growing in the near future.

Thanks for reinstalling the true Locations search results, at least for the contributors. (I understand it doesn't make much sense for the common user to get a list of locations..)

Finally.. +1  for the Locations Tree !

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Ni nicolas,

Please see Col's response on this thread

At the moment locations are missing from the title reference view menu, sorry.  This is a known bug.  They are included in the "Additional Details" section. From

over on the main pages they are now in the new "Filming & Production" menu:

In terms of the locations search I've just tested this and the search results listed are still for locations and not for titles.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

As per your example, you cannot search existing locations through this alphabetically ordered list. You would need to know beforehand how the location is labeled in the database.

In my question I was referring to the Locations search through the Advanced Search>Locations tool.

In the "Advanced Search" I now have to choose whether I want to find Titles, Names & People, or Collaborations, where I could directly search through Locations terms, Plot Summaries terms, etc.

Now the results through the expanded Advanced Search: as illustrated below, the Location search itself now gives only links to films corresponding to the search, whereas it used to give compact lists of Titles alright, but mentioning  explicitly the corresponding Location item right next to it.
The first page of results would then give you up to 50 examples of addresses matching your search. This is missing now.

The example below shows that finding e.g. how Locations in Moscow are labelled in terms of Administrative subdivisions, etc, or to find addresses in one of the many Moscow towns of the USA, you'd have to scroll blindly through dozens of titles (3 clicks each time to get to the Filming & Production page) to get the same amount of information.

Fortunately the "Keywords" search still gives you Keywords results, not matching titles !
I wish it were still the same for the Locations.

Thanks for your help.

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I agree. I haven't added many things in the years that I've been here, but I search for locations a lot.

I don't remember it doing what you say it did however unless you were adding/correcting a location and used the keyboard as seen in this pic 

It's always been like that from what I remember, and seemed too much hard work looking through as there's many places around the world with the same name as my city. 

Therefore I mainly searched for a film/TV show which I knew had been filmed in a specific location, and clicked the location listed under "filming locations" which would take me to a page like this,%20Bradford,%20West%20Yorkshire,%... or go to "advanced settings", then "filming locations", then searched for a "keyword" which would take me to a page like this 

It's exactly the same as it's always been as far as I can tell, albeit a slightly different design.

There's also another search option which I've just noticed now that is even more detailed than I remember it being by clicking on "Advanced Title search" which takes you to this page where you can filter by country and just type the name of the place in the "filming locations" section rather than the "keywords" section which will take you to a page like this

Most of the time I used to use Google to search for things like specific "film locations" on IMDB as it seemed quicker, "Birthplaces" because I never knew where to search for birthplaces before (I used to just click on an actors birthplace previously), and "Title Groups" for example "IMDB Top 100" as again I never knew where to search for them on IMDB...

But now it seems they're all listed under "Advanced Title Search", "Advanced Name Search" or "Search Collaborations".

They've never had a search option like I or you want which is why I'm here now searching to see if any have been added recently.

It's annoying having to look through the locations of every single film or TV show title which has been filmed in my city Bradford, as there's many addresses, streets, villages, neighbourhoods, wards and towns listed which haven't mentioned my city, even though they are officially part of the city.

Some of those locations around the city's border are even listed as being in one of the nearby cities either because:

1 - The people who added them aren't very good at Geography.
2 - The people who added them don't want to accept they're part of the city (ie Keighley, Shipley, Bingley, Haworth etc).
3 - The people who added them think having a postcode for a different city/town defines where the place is, even though postcodes are things which are made up by Royal Mail and aren't official with the government or the ONS (ie Ilkley etc)
4 - The people who added them didn't realise that even though a building is sometimes part of a company/organisation in a nearby town/city, yet be physically within the borders of a different town/city. (ie Hospitals, Churches, Schools etc) 

It would be much easier if there was a list of every single location within West Yorkshire that's listed on IMDB, so I can find all these Bradford locations much quicker, but it looks like that search function doesn't exist yet.