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"(Hail, Hail,) The Gang's All Here" is song based on a tune by Arthur Sullivan [link=nm0837956] and arranged/ modified by Theodore Morse [nm1098857].

The lyrics are generally attributed to Dolly Morse [link=nm0855908], a pseudonym adopted by Theodora Morse, wife of Theodore. She also used the pseudonyms, D.A. Esrom and Dorothy Terriss.


There are four instances in IMDB, where the lyrics for the song are attributed to both Dolly Morse and Theodora Morse.

  • Jalopy (1953) tt0045926
  • Jail Busters (1955) tt0048222
  • In the Money (1958) tt0051771
  • "Gunsmoke" (1955) {Easy Come (#9.5)} tt0594095

 Three of these are in the form 

Lyrics by Theodora Morse and Dolly Morse

where the text  ‘Dolly Morse’ is replaced by the link, [link=nm0855908].

This is an unnecessary duplication of the names. I would like to correct it, but am unsure as to how best to do it.

My suggestion would be to replace the current text with the following – 

Lyrics by [link=nm0855908] 
(Incorrectly credited as ‘Lyrics by Theodora Morse and Dolly Morse’, as ‘Dolly’ is a pseudonym used by ‘Theodora’. )


or should these errors be left alone?

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Posted 3 months ago

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You would have to leave all credits as is. The accreditation as given in the on screen credits must remain as shown in the credits in the database. They must match. Only submit corrections for the end credits that don't match database records.
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Graham: I suggest a different course of action. For the entries where both Theodora and Dolly are listed, I recommend just submitting a correction to delete Theodora, and leaving Dolly in the format of [link=nm0855908]. Since it appears that this songwriter has only one IMDb name page, under the Dolly Morse name (, that should probably be the one you leave in place.

The explanation I would recommend providing would be something like "Duplicate songwriter. Dolly Morse, who is already listed as a songwriter of this song, was a nickname or pseudonym used by Theodora Morse. See for confirmation."

If any of the films or episodes actually have songwriting credits for the song with either or both versions of this lyricist named, please let us know what those credits say in case an (as ...) attribute is needed for that particular title's Soundtrack credits. Otherwise, the song and/or credit should be designated as (uncredited) in accordance with the policies at

I would be surprised if any of these films or episodes actually credits both Theodora and Dolly on screen as writers of the same song, although I suppose it's possible. That would seem to be a Crazy Credit situation if it happened, but if you find a credit like that, please let us know so the staff can rule on what to do.

I hope this helps.
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I found In the Money and Jail Busters as well as the Gunsmoke episode online. They don't have any song credits.
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Hello Graham,

Thank you for your post.

If we can establish which name was credited on screen that is the name that should be recorded in the credits.

As gromit has stated it would be odd for both names to be credited however without establishing which name is listed do not submit deletions as yet.

Once we have established which is listed on screen we could look at using attributes such as Theodora (as Dolly) if we have a name page under Theodora but not Dolly for instance.

 We would value any help in sourcing any of these films - if we cannot find any definitive evidence I would suggest using the Theodora (as Dolly) method for when we list two names.

I hope this makes sense!
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Jaime: As I mentioned above, IMDb has a page under the name Dolly Morse (, but not one under the name Theodora Morse. So in some circumstances, we might need to use the Dolly (as Theodora) method, not the other way around.

In any event, Peter has already ascertained that three of the four titles under discussion don't have any songwriting credits, so for those we would be looking to use the (uncredited) attribute rather than (as Theodora).
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As I do not have access to the films, I can only go off the IMDB data.

The "Gunsmoke" item is uncredited, so I should be able to delete the 'Theodora' text, leaving just 'Dolly'.

As Peter says above that 'In the Money' and 'Jail Busters' do not have any songwriting credits, I would expect that I could do the same here - delete the 'Theodora' text, leave just 'Dolly' - and add an 'uncredited' attribute to the song.

I would expect that 'Jalopy' would also not have any songwriting credits, as this was the case for incidental music in films of that era. But I will leave that one, until I get some confirmation.

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Based on the discussion and, in particular, Peter's post above, I have 
  • added an 'uncredited' attribute to the items in "In the Money" and "Jail Busters". The Gunsmoke episode already had this.
  • deleted 'Theodora Morse' and left 'Dolly Morse' as the sole lyricist.
  • ensured that both Arthur Sullivan and Theodore Morse are credited for the music

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