Credit correction - decline repeatedly despite evidence?

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Episode title "Burke and Wills": 

"Directed by" currently (wrongly) has TWO names: 
Lord Snowdon: 
Tony Snowdon: 

Declined submissions: 
3rd submission, declined: 
2nd submission, declined: 

3rd submission explanations I gave: 
1. [ ] only ONE director is listed: "director, Tony Snowdon". This is an alias of the first director credit on IMDb "Lord Snowdon", which IMDb has already correctly listed with additional attribute set "(as Tony Snowdon)" next to it.
2. See also story of production that mentions ONE director Tony Snowdon aka Lord Snowdon: [ ]

NOTE: the 1972 year is wrong, and is also being corrected on IMDb to 1975:
1. [ ] the Australian magazine article re. filming is dated 1975;
2. [ ] website lists it as 1975 too;
3. [ ] "Snowdon: The Biography" by Anne de Courcy, on Google books states the dates of filming;
4. [ ] an edge case WP ref, David Attenborough filmography states 1975 for all episodes.
2nd submission explanations I gave: 
Please check these credits. The name "Tony Snowdon" is very obviously wrong (hence why he has no other credits in the database), given that the other Director credit for "Lord Snowdon" has "as Tony Snowdon" attribute set next to it already, plus Lord Snowdon’s actual real first name was "AnTONY...". So clearly there were not TWO directors on this single episode that miraculously both magically also have the same name too.

I've repeatedly explained that this is the SAME PERSON and given clear evidence: 

1. on how the naming scheme for British peers works (Lord Snowdon = Tony Snowdon). 

2. "as Tony Snowdon" already appears next to "Lord Snowdon" director credit on the title as it's the same person – so why on earth would IMDb have a separate entry for another "Tony Snowdon" director in the same role (tip: they shouldn’t!). 

3. linked to evidence for filming/release timeframe (1975 rather than 1972 currently on IMDb), along with text docs referring to Lord Snowdon aka "Tony Snowdon". 

Yet here I am, three times now, staff have still replied with just the generic "Unable to verify" response (and I'm supposed to work out what’s wrong from that blasé generic comment am I!). 
How on earth do they decline after I’ve given ample evidence to both points' veracity. Ridiculous. 

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Posted 2 months ago

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Are corrections able to made by staff from these forums directly?
Or do I have to submit yet another (fourth!) submission request, linking to this forum? 
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Hi jimthing, 

Apologies, this should have been accepted looking at your previous submissions. I've removed the duplicate name page now and accepted the release date change that was still pending staff review.