Credit order declined: Vysokyi pereval (1982)

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I've made more then a hundred of assorted corrections on  Vysokyi pereval (1981) on August 24th and while most of them got approved, four returned declined on 27th from #190824-095906-109000, all of them being additions of attributes and correct credit numbers for actors who were already added to the project (there were five of them, from the credited cast of 30). I apologize for how screenshot looks as both cropping and tracking down the copy were done on short notice. I can attest that several copies I have encountered have identical main titles. 

People in question are: 
Bogdan, Lyubov (03)
Denysenko, Taras (04)
Chubarev, Vladimir (07)
Fushchich, Vasiliy (09)

It should be noted that: 
-All but the first cast credits follow the pattern of initial and surname in Ukrainian (as such previously added attribute for 04 was wrong and likely based on a later, Russian language copy of the movie, if any); 
-I have only captured credits 01-09 to demonstrate examples that were declined, however I can attest that I was following credits order in every single correction and addition that was done by me on that title; 
-As a usual case for Soviet cinema up until mid-80's, no end credits were found on most copies of the title, so credit order of main titles suffices. At the same time, a whole plethora of bit part actors towards the end of titles were credited with no roles attached, as such formatting of roles shifts and at times absent starting with 20.   
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Posted 2 months ago

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An interesting update: I guess this decline was more then deserved (I don't know why I capitalized the second word, it should be "preveal" not "Pereval"; glad that I can always rely on IMDb catching gaffes like that), but I've never seen "Needs Attention" status before. 
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Hi Nikolay,

Thanks, I can see that the cast has since been modified. I've manually made the edits to the alternate title now as well.

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Great thanks, Will! 
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The cast is now fixed and completed, with all available Ukrainian character names and 'as' attributes added and correctly transliterated. This includes the addition of Georgiy Morozyuk at #13 playing the character Yuzo, which is clearly in the onscreen credits, but was missing from the IMDb. The primary names in the IMDb of all the actors and actresses are also now their correct transliterations from Russian, which is used for everyone born in the Soviet-era.

There is no such transliterated Russian AKA for the Soviet Union. Since the USSR would not use a transliteration, there is no need to list a transliteration as an AKA. It is incorrect to do so. Therefore, both the incorrectly capitalized "Pereval" and the mangled "perveal" are wrong. The primary title in the IMDb is a correct transliteration of the onscreen Ukrainian title. The Russian Cyrillic title is already correctly listed as a Cyrillic AKA, as is the original onscreen Ukrainian Cyrillic title.

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motley_moth, great thanks for additional corrections!

I am still prone at transliteration mistakes (for some reasons, one might assume that I should have much less of those being a professional translator among other things, but here I am having problems anyhow), so I'll try to gasp as much difference from your additions and won't make the same mistakes next time. Although correcting roles which had no role descriptions or were uncredited into transcribed Ukrainian seemed a bit unnecessary to me, nowadays IMDb cast guidelines do say that credits should be entirely in the original language (something I never understood as a rule to be honest, as it obstructs many people from understanding what the role was supposed to be).  Must be a recent addition or change, since I remembered it the other way. 

As for name transliaterations: many actors who were born in Soviet era are now living in Ukraine and use Ukrainian names as their main variants, so it is something that should be re-checked on case-to-case scenario, I'd say. 

As for Georgiy Morozyuk: I am puzzled how I missed him when making a credits transcript name-by-name.