Dancers in stage productions - actors or him/herself?

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( This is a spin-off of the earlier thread: )

The earlier thread touched this issue, but I still want to be sure before adding several names. I came across with the television special (could have been shown live at the time, but I'm not sure) of the stage production/show/gala that has some acting parts, music with dancing performances, lights etc. All happens in front of the audience with some VIP guest like the President etc. This is more like a dance production with some acting parts (by three actors, others in the show are dancers).

Actors are listed first in the end credits and then 20+ "dancers". Again - are these "dancers" considered actors, or are they listed him/herself (they're the actual dancers in the stage performance)? Or does it depend on the production how they're listed?

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It all depends on how the performers are listed or not listed in the credits. On at least one variety series from the 1960s, (Hullabaloo), if you go to each performer's filmography, their credit varies from just Dancer to Himself/Herself - Dancer, with most of the names listed under Self. A few credits are listed in Other Crew.

In my opinion, I would submit the names with the role of Dancer in the Cast section. If the performers are not mentioned by name (credit stills or verbally by an announcer), I would include an uncredited attribute.

Also, consider reviewing the IMDb pages of dancers who appeared in projects like variety shows. music specials and movie musicals.

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May not be helpful:

The Goldwyn Girls

The Goldwyn Girls is an actress,
known for Guys and Dolls (1955)...

Actresses who were at one point in their careers Goldwyn Girls were
Betty Alexander, Suzanne Alexander, Jane Allen, Jean Allen, Gale Amber,
Gloria Anderson, Loretta Andrews, Mary Ashcraft, Vivian Austin, Consuelo Baker,
Lucille Ball, Shirley Ballard, Bonnie Bannon, Joan Barclay, Betty Bassett,
Amelia Batchelor, Virginia Belmont, Irene Bentley, Lynne Berkeley, Deannie Best,
Dudone Blumier, Karin Booth, Myrla Bratton, Barbara Brent, Mary Brewer,
Lynn Browning, Virginia Bruce, Betty Bryant, Jan Bryant . . . . .

Vivian Blaine Veda Ann Borg Barbara Brent Jann Darlyn Madelyn Darrow June Kirby Pat Sheehan Larri Thomas Sandra Warner Sonia Warner and The Goldwyn Girls in Guys and Dolls 1955

Guys  Dolls Marlon Brando and friends 1955 Samuel GoldwynMGM

The Goldwyn Girls in Guys and Dolls 1955

Lucille Ball Paulette Goddard Bonnie Bannon Myrla Bratton Dolores Casey Rosaline Fromson June Gale Jane Hamilton Philippa Hilber Vivian Keefer Mary Lange Katharine Mauk Iris Meredith Gigi Parrish Barbara Pepper Theo Plane Helen Wood Mildred Shay and The Goldwyn Girls in Roman Scandals 1933


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Hi Eboy, 

As GMJ has stated, it will depend on how they are listed in the end credits. If they are listed in the end credits along with the cast with the character name of 'Dancer' then this would suggest that they should be listed as cast in the database. 

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Thanks for the replies. I guess we need to define ”listed along with the cast”. In this case there are some credits before the three actors are listed. Then after that comes ”dancers” and 20+ names under that. Then the rest of the crew. The actors are not really listed in any specific way.

This is basically a dance performance with some professional dancers (who doesn’t have any lines, real role names etc). So they are not ”actors” who just happen to be dancing in some scenes. And they are not part of the musical, dancing along the ”main actors” (or in the background). Group of dancers are performing.