Dealing with IMDb accounts involved in vote spamming and publicity spamming?

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Can you please review the accounts of those involved in the following votes and posts?

It came from a question from the Help Board, ( which highlighted that if you look at all 2012 titles with 1000 votes (,2...) then it throws up four rather obscure films as the top four of the year - films that seem to have a common actor (and maybe some other links – I just gave them a cursory glance).

This actor is George Kat ( and if you look at his message board off that page then you’ll see that the board is essentially loads of threads, mostly with zero replies, all praising him like he was the acting Jesus.

Clicking on a few of the accounts that have left this praise I found that the couple I picked at random all seem to have almost no other activity, or to have lots of activity, all praising other very specific actors. It made me wonder if these accounts were also responsible for the votes on these four films and perhaps these films and these actors had some other things in common, like a shared agent or production company? (I don’t have IMDb Pro so can’t look that up easily as far as I know).
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And apparently if you ask an intelligent question on his profile messege board as in " Has anyone seen one of his movies apart from the people who worked on it ? " then someone goes running to the admin to get the post deleted
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Yes indeed, the 4 best films of the last 13 years are The Dark Knight, and 3 George Katt films:,

Sooooo, the weighting algorithms are supposed to keep this crap from happening???

The only weighting I see here is the eyelids of IMDB staffers falling asleep on the job.
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More discussions ongoing > here
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Still no response from the Staff on this, despite being raised by several users on several of the proper forums?

Never mind giving me it possible just to at least get a comment somewhere on this?
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The voting system is periodically revised and updated to detect and defeat all types of vote stuffing.

Any allegations of vote manipulation are always taken seriously and investigated; this may take some time, and we can't really disclose details, but you can rest assured that if improper activity is detected, our voting system will be improved accordingly and appropriate action will be taken.
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Thank you for your reply. I feel confident that you will identify an issue in this case as it seems pretty open and shut. With only the information available to a normal user it seems clear to me......but then perhaps George Katt's films from 2012 are the best of the year as the IMDb voting results show?

I know you cannot give any details but I appreciate you at least acknowledging that the many posts on this subject by several different users has at least been read by IMDb staff......

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