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While it's fairly debatable that these gentlemen had Bill (or William) on their birth certificate, we know for sure that they carried the name "Bill" as a strong identity mark, and that it sure rhymed with 'evil'.

So, which of these evil Bills was the best? (which means the worst, well you got the point...)
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My vote: Gangs of New York Bill. :D

Missing anyone?
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Only Bills, "Evil Bills" has the right sound... and I didn't mean the list to be exhaustive, unless there's a larger-than-life bad guy named Bill that I missed.
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Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb.
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Bill Sikes
Curly Bill Brocius

Bill O'Reilly   Drevil million dollarsjpg
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Thanks Jen, but this was really meant as "face-off" between the 'big Bills', nothing against yours of course but look at 'Wild Bill' Wharton, one of the most despicable characters from one of the most popular movies and he only got 6% of the votes, so I'm not sure the other Bills would have better chance. 
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Evil Bills
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