Face-Off Suggestion: Sex vs. Violence

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It is well known that the US ratings board is much more strict on sex than violence. European audiences, on the other hand, are just fine with viewing explicit sex scenes. Which is more objectionable to you, sex or violence? 

I find them equally objectionable/likable 

List: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls063680513 
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While I do not personally object to either, keeping in mind the impact upon children and easily shocked people it usually makes more sense to be strict on violence.
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Both are equally detestable when they're gratuitous and don't serve any purpose whatsoever in the film. But if I had to pick one, it would be sex. Violence is in-line with the purpose of a film which is to depict a conflict between two opposite sides, you can't have an antagonism that doesn't express itself through a form of violence.

Sex has a point when it sets up a conflict (an affair for instance), a character (whose lust will play a significant role in the plot), an event (murder, accident) and even a gag, when it's only used to show that two people are having a sexual life like everybody I start questioning the voyeurism of the director. 

I agree that one should be strict on the use of violence in movies but I'm sick and tired of the overuse of sex in ads. Perfume ads look like soft porn and here, they're not aired after 9pm you better believe it.