Face-Offs Requested: A Few Notes

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Face-Off suggestions have been declining in recent months, so if you have any ideas for face-off polls, we encourage you to suggest them. If you’re new to face-offs, perhaps expanding your poll repertoire to include these traditional Friday polls could be fun and spark your creativity. 

Check out the following link to get acquainted with face-off polls and their construction:


If you’re acquainted with face-off polls already, may I ask you to put on what I know are very impressive thinking caps, and think “Face-Off Polls?” :)  Thank you, in advance. 

Some additional notes are below.

Things to Consider When Constructing a Face-Off Poll:

  1. Are the similarities between the options significant enough to draw.a comparison? If the similarities aren’t obvious, do you make a compelling case? Arbitrary comparisons tend to not go live.
  2. Is the face-off a fair fight? A character from a film with 10,000 votes doesn’t stand a chance against The Joker or Hannibal Lector, for example. Landslides are one thing but it’s best to avoid landslides that are easily predictable. (I say this as a face-off poll of mine just went totally lopsided. The best laid plans...)
  3. Face-Off polls need not be restricted to two options. They can also have three, four, or even five options. 
  4. Familiarizing yourself with other face-offs is a good way to generate ideas, see what kinds of face-offs go live, and what face-offs attract votes (although a poll that will likely be popular does not necessarily go live before a quality match-up that might get significantly fewer votes). Here are some examples of successful face-offs:

Face-Off: Marvel's Super Chris 

Face-Off: 'Moonlight' vs. 'Boyhood'

Face-Off: I could have been a contender!

Face-Off: Five Stages of Theater

Face-Off: Wonder Woman vs. Captain America

Face-Off: 'Whiplash' vs 'La La Land'

Face-Off: AFI's Top 10 Heroes vs. Villains

Face-Off : Godard vs. Truffaut

Face-Off: Millennials vs. Generation X vs. Baby Boomers vs. The Silent Generation 

As of 6 Oct., 2017, this is a complete list of Face-Off polls listed in alphabetical order:

Friday Face-Off


Thank you, so much!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Why do we have to limit Fridays to only face-offs? And why do face-offs have to run only on Fridays?
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It's a little tradition, gives a special flavor to Friday. I like it that way. There has been a discussion about it a few years ago and many users wanted to keep it for Friday.
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Stephen Atwood

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Face-Offs are a tad too easy (not much thought needs to make them) to formulate and could easily overwhelm the suggestions if allowed beyond its limited Fridays.  We should keep them to Fridays only.

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I think that's a very good point, Stephen.
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There are certainly no rules, at least that I know of, about either, and occasionally there have been regular polls run on Fridays. My guess is that at least a few face-offs have been run on other days but I'm not sure: Dan would probably know that. Certainly, polls with just five or less voting options have been run on other days, including lately, but, at least in my memory, they are not titled as Face-Off polls. 

I guess both are just tradition. hb started face-off polls as a simpler way for new poll authors to be able to have polls go live while still getting acclimated to poll making. I'm sure Fridays were chosen because of the consonance, as I believe, when they started, they were run as 'Friday Face-Offs." Dan would be able to answer this with more certainty and perhaps this is something that can be opened up for discussion. 
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A tradition exactly. And its a nice one
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There are many F/O suggestions that I made which were not picked yet.
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Good read.
I have left many breadcrumbs for you to follow on the canine front. Pictures of Ruby await. Check out the last poll of mine that you made Live!!!
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I will, absolutely. Thank you. I'm trying to remember how quickly puppies grow. : )
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I'm sorry, but this has become so profoundly frustrating that I decided to back off from IMDb completely for a while. Not only are very obvious and straightforward face-offs like 'Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Steven Seagal' never picked up (I'm waiting for almost 2 years now) but when I create a face-off this week about probably the hottest contested and most reported news subject of the week, which is on the home page of IMDb the entire week and thousands of newspapers and media sites around the world, other polls are selected that could have been published anytime during the year while mine has to be published now, not next week and certainly not in a year. So forget about it, another opportunity missed. Sorry for this but I feel extremely demotivated.
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Ed Jones (XLIX)

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I too feel that way often.
Timeliness matters on a lot of topics.
And polls.