fake positive reviews - IMDB Reviews are clearly skewed by paid nonsense reviews.

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It's got beyond a joke.  A new movie comes out.  The marketing team hires people controlling several hundred IMDB to write fake positive reviews.

The reviews can't be trusted to the point that I only use them when I see a hopeless movie, and I come back for a laugh to see the hundreds of fake reviews.

Take "The nice guys" for example.  Wow - what a stinker, literally nothing redeeming about it.  Not funny.  Weak plot. Pathetic action scenes.  A pointless movie where the viewed could not care less what happens plotwise let alone what happened to the characters who had zero charisma.

Yet currently, its a 7.7 movie?  7.7?  For this absolute pap?  Its a 2 at best.

Seriously IMDB.  What a joke your reviews have become and a waste of anyone's time to read.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hey Richard, 

Generally, I see what you mean and I can relate. Me myself don't often like some high-rated films or films with the best reviews, but I cannot doubt about the authenticity of every single one of the positive reviews. I guess that it is the issue of personal opinion that might defer. 

However, if you are sure that a specific user review is in violation of guidelines you should use the Report feature, so that the IMDb staff examine whether it is fake or not and take the appropriate actions. 

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Reviews are made by actual users, I really doubt that IMDb is hiring people to write bogus reviews. If you don't find them useful just vote "No". "Was this review helpful to you? (Yes/No)" Or if you thought the film was poor find one of the reviews with the "Hated It" filter and vote it up. Or if it is completely false like some I've seen where they clearly never even saw the film simply report it.
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He think he is talking about hired studio shills with IMDb accounts writing reviews and not the average IMDb user. I know of a few for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian that were written and published during the film's premiere showing. Yeah, that means the guy was writing it as the film was running. Highly suspicious. However, I disagree with Richard on "Are they giving terrible loser movies, higher ratings than academy award winning movies?" because I have seen some Oscar nominated movies that sucked worse than many lesser films and were nominated only because of Hollywood politics de jour.
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I upped my grading scale and started ranking what I thought were really good movies a 10. Good movies with a sad ending a 9 and OK movies got an 8.
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A pox on your comment reviews are made by actual users.  I can create 100 accounts in a day, spoof my ip address, connect them with fake facebook accounts and go to town writing fake reviews to my hearts content.

IMDB, does nothing.  And a pox on your "if its clearly fake let us know" policy.  If that is your policy on fake reviews?  It's is simply not working.

Honestly.  What a load of nonsense.

Look here  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3799694/reviews?ref_=tt_urv

As an analyst in 5 minutes of looking at these reviews I can see a marketing company hired by the film's production team has hired a review writing service with the brief  being:-

a. Make sure you mention the director in your review.
b. Make sure you draw the connection with his previous movies, especially kiss kiss bang bang.
c. Try and make this stinker seem better by pointing out the director was also involved in the far better Lethal Weapon movies.
d. Talk up the connection between the stars.  We know there is none but talk it up anyway.

Anyone with any level of skills in analyzing writing styles can see many of the top reviews are written by the same person and I bet they are all voting up each others reviews  The same usage of adjectives.  The same use of commas.

No IMDB.  You don't get to ignore the elephant in the room and tell me I need to advise you of fake reviews.  If had access to your stats like YOU do, i could tell you EXACTLY which were which.


a. Check dates that people signed up to IMDB and check if % of people giving reviews for a movie is for a signup group too tighly matched.
b. Check the Facebook profiles of people to see if on the balance they appear to be real people.
c. Check their reviews.  Are they giving terrible loser movies, higher ratings than academy award winning movies?
d. Check the IP addresses against known blocks used by IP addressing spoofing companies such as hidemyass.
e. Run a style analysis software application over reviews for a movie, to determine if on the balance it appears some reviews are being written by the same person, from multiple accounts.
f. Contact some people and ask them to provide ID they are a real person.
g. If reviews are removed for being fake?  SAY so!  Make it clear to the movie houses you wont stand for this artificial faking of popularity of a movie.
h. Check who is voting up the reviews and if the voters are suspicious, discount them.

I would start here but could go much further.

Seriously.  Your review management system is a joke to the point of being useless.  Its at the point where before I go and buy a ticket to see a movie, I sometimes visit a torrent site and read the reviews there.  If there are many saying things like "Watchable cam... but this movie was a total turd" I know to save my money and not watch it at all let alone at the cinemas.

I wish I had bothered to do this for "the Nice Guys" and saved myself the $15 bucks.  
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"Are they giving terrible loser movies, higher ratings than academy award winning movies?" oh really Richard. Do you honestly think that just because a film is Oscar nominated that it is good? Sir, I seen some turkeys that were nominated through the manipulation of Hollywood politics and the Oscar nomination system (aka: runners being given to academy members and then a short one week qualifiying run near the end of December) and the general public has given a chance to voice it's option until the qualifiying process was nearly over.
The hurt Locker sucked and was clear inferrior to half of the other nominated films was in 2010. In 2008, none of the best picture nominations were box office successes. They all bombed.
In 2008, I was shocked that "There Will Be Blood" got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. "Pirates Of The Carribean: At World's End", "Ratatouille", "The Golden Compass" and, yes "Transformers" were better than that P.O.S. And much more deserving of an Oscar BP conciderration. Happily, it lost to "No Country For Old Men".

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