Fake reviews: come on DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

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So many people are conplaining about this and I cant understand why nothing serious has been done about this. Fake reviews completely undermine the entire purpose of IMDB.
Please please use AI or start blocking IP’s or whatever to stop this. Or do the same as the big movie producers do: hire an army of Indian people, but then to REMOVE the fake reviews.
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Posted 2 years ago

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For what it's worth, my 2 cents: I really don't care about user reviews, especially if they rate 1 or 10 stars, there is the tiniest chance they can be of any interest. I would rely on a critic I have learned to know, who knows how to write and build an argumentation, which is likely to be informative and help me to anticipate what I can expect from the film. Something which is absolutely unlikely with 96% of the user reviews.

And no, IMDb primary purpose is not to store user reviews but audiovisiual program data. So if you ask me, I would set a strong moderation on user reviews, to make them appealing and scrap 90% of them. But nobody is asking me and nobody is right!
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YOU may not, but a lot of us not only RELY on the User Reviews, but more importantly, a film's RATING's which I believe the OP also meant.  It really is becoming very akin to a disease which is becoming more prolific and if a site which pretty much was built on the premise of users visiting it to determine if a film is good or not, based on what others think, actually DOES NOT reflect what real users think, then there is NO WAY that site is going to last.  You may laugh or raise your eyebrows and think sure, sure, IMDb has been around forever and will be ... not really.  Any company that doesn't give customers what they are there for, eventually becomes obsolete. The people that visit the site are the reason why people pay to become members; without a valid reason for any of those people to be here (who really wants to read fake reviews or rent/view a film which is garbage based on fake ratings and reviews) then what is left?  The fact that the employees/staff(?) seem to take it so nonchalantly is like a slap in the face or an F.U., or a 'we don't really need to care'; well, I know a lot of people who disagree.  
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For what it's worth you can read me addressing this problem when I finally lost it and left one for gossip girl. It appeared all of the reviews were made by someone created multiple accounts . It was painfully obvious.

I asked and begged for this to be recognized immediately! It dilutes the reviews because since I had just seen desperate housewives and like late night light viewing shows, I cant rely on IMDb with specific genres or shows pertaining to hyperboles. It's just sad and that's why I'm more of a episode reviewer for the true fan. I feel it's more helpful since we cant review seasons.

Something needs to be done because they're also voting their reviews up as well and voting others true opinions down. This is a form of fanboy dominance and its disturbing. I depend on IMDB and hope it doesnt become further tarnished by these moronic super fans pushing their personal favorite shows on people like me who are looking for an objective view of why someone that it deserves x amount of stars. Its toxic and you raise a exceptional point that needs to be raised more!

I know it sounds easy so I dont blame IMDb, but their supposed to review them or is it automated? They should be made sure through the IP address. Hope something happened to fix this moving forward. Thanks for this post.
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First thing I do: check what the movie's about / genre / etc.
Second thing: check rating
Third thing: check some REAL reviews (hard to do these days) to see what aspects I would enjoy too or not

The thing is: a lot of movie preferences can be read from the reviews; even with low ratings I sometimes just read a couple of reviews and may decide to watch it anyway (most of the time with reliable reviews it's on the ball)

So for me reviews are super important
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Actually, I think I fully agree with you! I would even point out that you can usually get more solid, interesting and constructive information from low ratings (3-5) reviews than positive ones. It seems, there is more effort in proving why you did not like it than just going along with the stream. In any case, everything between 1 and 10 is more interesting because reviewers wondered how to nuance their rating/opinion.

But with the years, I have learned to anticipate, usually from IMDb global rating (but not exclusively). Last but not least, I love watching movies and knowing as little as possible, get the full surprise it is meant to be, bad or good. Hence my post above.
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Thank you for sharing your concern.  We are uncertain if you are talking about ratings or reviews or both?

All we can say about ratings is covered in the FAQ at https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/track-movies-tv/faq-for-imdb-ratings/G67Y87TFYYP6TWAV

If there are reviews which violate our guidelines as explained on https://help.imdb.com/article/contribution/contribution-information/user-review-guidelines/GABTWSNLD... then please use the "Report This" feature attached to each review. If there are reviews which are within the guidelines yet you do not find useful then click the "No" button to express your opinion. 

Please be aware we are constantly making improvements to protect ratings and reviews. We do not (and will not) discuss these changes beyond what is written above because doing so would make it easier for people to workaround the protections. 

For a third party discussion on IMDb ratings, please see https://www.forbes.com/sites/jvchamary/2018/03/16/star-wars-last-jedi-science-movie-reviews/#9582185... 
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GS is no place to discuss political standpoints, which obviously cannot be reconciled. We are only here to discuss data issues. So please stop.
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Slava, also please edit out the "f" word. People are trying to get ahold of situation and profanity does not help much: it distracts.
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yes, it is a bit confusing, since this is a getsatisfaction page not imdb, however there is only one Dmitriy Rozin - editor/director and such. I am saying "objectively" here, meaning that nothing was embellished or faked in his portrait - the rest was up to the way the narrative worked. This is, indeed, a true portrait of whom many consider a terrorist. I can say that since I saw all the raw footage. Your argument on objectivity or not may lead us to the argument on solipsism - so since we are not going in that direction – I would state again, this is as objective a portrait as could be of this person. I would also like to assure you that the director has filmed almost as much footage of the other side of the conflict, towns across the front lines, and of representatives of the opposite camp in Ukraine which are easily accessible. and for this particular film this clean portrait worked better than a political argument on whose land this is. 

In any case, I absolutely do welcome any negative feedback on the film, have I not seen the flow of anger and crass from (i think) hundreds newly created accounts, so let us not kid ourselves here. Yet again, I am not the director. Possibly, this works for the best of the PR side of it.

as for "slava"'s comments here, they are more of an indication of the correct conclusions made on the nature of the wave of hatred. those trolls are similar to the Kremlin trolls sitting in St Petersburg basements and firing it up from the other side. i'll let them accuse each other of supporting this war while working on something apolitical.
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we have been hit with hundreds of newly created fake accounts in two days,
leaving one star rating and giving the same bad review. how do deal with them?
you cannot simply report all of them - hundreds??
the film is Sniper' War
Dmitriy Lvovich Rozin
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- - -

Dmitriy, I believe you are sending Slava to two places while referring to those as one.
There's your IMDb page with filmography
Dmitriy Rozin (I)
and then there's your profile as an IMDb user.
by Nikolay Yeriomin, Champion
- - -

Dmitriy Lvovich Rozin
here is Your User Profile Page:

What's the difference between an IMDb page and user profile?
- - -

More info about
"we have been hit with hundreds of newly created fake accounts in two days,
leaving one star rating and giving the same bad review. how do deal with them?
you cannot simply report all of them - hundreds?? "


The film "A Sniper's War"
is about a Russian murderer who killed in the occupied territory of Ukraine,
how did this get to IMDB ?
by Slava L
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IMDb moderators you can moderate comments but not Putin’s propaganda films that glorify russian terrorism, it is unfair of you

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