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Given that horrible censorship has taken place regarding movie reviews of the biopic First Man, I have decided to post my review that was removed after being posted.  The sad truth is that one review that echoed the foolish conspiracy theory that the Apollo 11 mission was a phony stage job was posted and allowed to remain in place.  Yet, informed reviews that criticize historically important omissions from the biopic have been purged.

Given this, below is my review that was censored.  And I encourage other IMDb members who's reviews were censored to post them below.  Truth remains the truth, and cannot be altered.  Review below:

Neil Armstrong was a patriotic American. If the people who made this film did not understand the profound sense of thrill and pride that Armstrong felt about placing the American flag on the surface of the moon, then they conveniently allowed Armstrong's powerful sense of personal humility to blind them to the truth.

The Apollo moon mission was an American program, financed with American money. That's not a prideful statement, but an honest one. To omit the planting of the flag on the moon is a rebuke of history, and one done for craven political reasons.

To this imbecilic omission, Ryan Gosling, a Canadian, says this:

"I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement and that's how we chose to view it. I also think Neil (Armstrong) was extremely humble, as were many of these astronauts, and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400,000 people who made the mission possible. So, I don't think Neil viewed himself as an American hero."

Gosling cannot see the forest for the trees. Those "400,000 people" he spoke about were also patriotic Americans who cried tears of joy when Old Glory was placed onto the moon. To cravenly omit it is to insult their legacy and achievement.

Armstrong was too humble to say to others that he was an American hero. But, if he heard Gosling say he was not an American of any description, hero or not, I am quite certain Armstrong would have taken umbridge.

Once again, liberal Hollywood cannot parse reality from their warped view of the world. So, before this movie even is released, it is already tarnished by an entirely needless and inaccurate decision to omit the planting of the American flag, an act that Armstrong valued throughout his life.

Perhaps next we see a movie about Jesse Owens where he doesn't wear an American uniform and stand for the National Anthem at the 1936 Berlin games!
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Posted 8 months ago

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First Man Reviews (uncensored)
Given that horrible censorship has taken place
regarding movie reviews of the biopic First Man,
I have decided to post my review that was removed after being posted...

by Ken Stallings
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First Man Imdb rating& controversy
Posted 2 weeks ago - September 2, 2018
by Gerald Koh
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You cannot respect someone and at the same time call him prejudiced.
You have to make a choice which way you see it....
September 12, 2018
by  Ken Stallings

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First Man  (2018)

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Ken: While I have followed the controversy with regard to the film First Man, regarding omitting a scene of the U.S. flag being planted on the moon, I note that the film has only shown at 3 film festivals so far and has not gone on general release yet. From reading your review, I am not sure that you have actually seen the film, and one should only review a film if one has actually seen it.

I think that IMDb should discourage the practice of reviewing a film based on press reports of what scenes are not included in the film and quotes from the lead actor.

If indeed you have seen the film, I would encourage you to rewrite your review accordingly.
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Reviews can be made based upon substantiated information.  The omission of this very important historic scene is not disputed by the star actor, nor the director/producer.  Moreover, Gosling's comments that formed the basis of my criticism of the movie are not disputed, and indicate the theme that the producer and actor desired to pursue.

And I note that at least one review that was purged was written by an 11-year IMDb member who overtly wrote that he did review the film after watching it.  So, that threshold seemed to make no difference to the IMDb staff.
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Reviews should not be made based upon substantiated information. It should be based on personally watching the movie. This is just plain ridiculous reviewing a movie you haven't watched based on information about the movie.

Also, your review violates the guidelines for reviews. Specifically, "Do not include personal opinions on real life events or subject matter on which a film is based."
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What you say is listed as a "respectful request."  In a case like this, the overriding reason for the reviews seems to apply, which is to provide one's opinions about the quality of a movie.  In my view, this is one of those rare cases where an egregious situation calls for just the kind of review I wrote.  A strict demand of that request is, in this case, sort of like the infamous rejoinder, "Other than that, Ms Lincoln, how did you like the play!"

Sad, because absent this terrible omission, I would have been thrilled to watch this movie.  And that point is precisely one that must be delivered loud and clear to Hollywood producers.  If they truly don't want the patronage of people like myself (and I humbly believe my values closer adhere to mainstream American thoughts and values), then they are doing a good job of stiff arming us.

CliffJ, I sincerely respect your points.  But, I started this thread so folks could post their censored reviews for consideration, and only because IMDb chose to purge them.
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You wont find but one or two I'm afraid. People on our side are not as passionate as you. Political debate really should be on another forum though. You will reach the right people. People don't come here for "this". This is for entertainment or the lack of! LOL
All you will get here is frustrated. They will tell you the reasons why your "Review" does not meet guidelines and the like. Or a link to "The" guidelines....Etc..Etc..
A blog or podcast or??? Is the place for you to discuss this. Happy Motoring. Thanks Cheers.
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Ken You have basically said all of this already in the thread above. Also the 4 replies were well thought out. We got the point. Before you jump the gun.....I agree with you. But it has been discussed. You should really stick to the original thread/post. Thanks... Cheers