Has the minimum length of user comments been reduced/removed?

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If I recall the user comments section of IMDb used to have a 10-line minimum length for submission. A post here from some years ago confirms this.

Since the boards have shut, I noticed a lot more very short reviews coming in, such as the examples I show below.

Checking the guidance I see that the minimum length has been halved to 5 lines. When was this change made, and what was the reason for the change?

Related question: is there a timescale to remove the user comments section from IMDb?


note: I am not an IMDb employee, nor in any way affiliated with IMDb
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  • Interested to know the future of this section

Posted 3 years ago

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The limit was reduced to five lines last month. 
Related question: is there a timescale to remove the user comments section from IMDb?
User comments / reviews are a core part of the IMDb experience and will not be removed.
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Was this reduction announced? If so, where? If not, why not?
A problem in the "message boards era" of IMDb was a lack of communication every now and again, I sure hope the transition to the - according to you - better GetSatisfaction environment will lead to better communication.
(let me also add that I'm happy to see so many staff reactions on the several Data Issues & Policy Discussions posts!)
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In my opinion, the message boards were also a "core part of the IMDB experience", yet they were removed. And, in my opinion, the GetSatisfaction environment is definitely not a better environment for conversations about films or actors. I've tried to search the IMDB GetSatisfaction environment for conversations on a particular film (e.g.,La La Land) to see if there are any posts on a particular reaction I had to the film, and I just found a bunch of posts where some of them were only marginally related to the film. It was way easier to go to the old message boards and see what's being discussed on a film or person. I'm going to IMDB way less than I used to because I can't see/do message board conversations, and Get Satisfaction will not be taking up the slack for me. I'm pissed at IMDB and I'm telling people why. ...... Bring back message boards!!!
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"Misfit Garage" (2014)

27 September 2017
Author: formerdrillsgt from Md
IMDb member since 27 September 2017

First of all, understand that this is a Richard Rawlings co-production (read the credits).
This show is the worst.
Thomas Weeks cant act his way out of an expired 2 for 1 coupon
and his "supporting cast" all suck ball sack.
The only one ever worth a shizz was Phipps and Sue.
This show is worse than fast and loud mouth
and that is like saying a root canal is worse than chemotherapy.
Nobody wants to watch a car show with girly men like
Aaron, sissy Richard and his gay jewelry and V NECKS, or the flamboyant Dennis.

Wanna watch real men do cool stuff.......Iron Resurrection
- - -

So, formerdrillsgt gets paid for this advertisement   ?

"Iron Resurrection" (2016)

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Hi Marco and Bob the moo,

No unfortunately this was not announced on GetSatisfaction which was an error on our behalf. I have now done so. https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/user-reviews-minimum-length-reduced-from-10-to-5-lines

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Thank you Will!
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Please adjust the limit back up to 10 lines.. or even more... If I wanted pithy opinions on movies and TV programs I could head to social media... and while we're at it, please implement a system whereby members can avoid all reviews from the 'hit and run' brigade who submit less than five reviews... thank you.