How do you remove unwanted comments from a Troll?

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 Hello IMDB staff and Community,
Does anyone know how you remove unwanted comments form your original question post?
If not - can you delete the original post?
I specifically asked an IMDB staff member a question and a troll decided he would comment.
The same troll also went onto one of my older questions and has made comments that have nothing to do with my posts.
Thank You for your time

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Posted 1 year ago

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This is an open forum. All can reply. To call Noel Ramos a troll is not proper behavior here.
Name calling? We are better than that. Noel has been proven through his efforts and investigation by IMDB Staff to be correct. If you contest it and can prove it, the IMDb Staff might remove the comments if they are false. Might! I'm not an employee, but I have watched that post and waited to see its conclusion.

Has Noel made a statement that was false?
You were indeed involved with Mr Johnson. Yes?
Were you paid? Unproven.
Noel has been passionate about Larry.
You stood up for Dr Johnson.
In a Public forum.
What were you thinking?
Sometimes our two cent's pays interest in the negative.
Do you not think Rosanne Barr wishes she could erase her comments and have a do over?
Life has no reset button.
Unless your in the movie Groundhog Day.

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I'm sorry I forgot my manners
Happy Holidays
Hope you get what you want.
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Movie is Gone
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In your 36 credits the movie is gone too.

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A reply or comment being merely unwanted is not enough reason for it to be removed. If it violates the law or IMDb policy, or is inconveniencingly misleading or too obscene/graphic (and off-topic), then it will be removed.
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Actually THIS forum and the IMDb web site are resulting in FAR greater results than FB ever has. I thank IMDb for that.
Agreed, but inappropriate to continue. You have accomplished all here.

Apparently the false legitimacy that Johnson was attempting to create here was SUPER important to his efforts.

Having his titles removed from IMDb has sent  him into an unprecedented degree of retaliation against those who are trying to expose him.
Excessive Bloviating. Repetitive. No longer necessary. Please Stop.

I feel the need to continue it here as it is serving to rally and unify the many people who have suffered from this 10 year old scam.

I'd appreciate any and all indulgence toward that goal from IMDb and this forum's community.
Three of us regulars have said that continuing further IS inappropriate. This forum IS NOT a discussion forum for issues outside the realm of the sites data inconsistencies or data corrections associated within. This forum is not a Platform for anyone.

Conclusion: Please stop any further diatribe on Mr Johnson. It is no longer needed, unless you wish to report an invalid entry. I would suggest that you stop starting your Threads with the title including the the word scam or any of its derivatives. Be to the point and stop voicing a derogatory descriptive regarding any individual. Get Satisfaction will look at this and may take appropriate action.
We welcome your making us aware of phony listings. Keep your comments about him to yourself. PLEASE
Thanks for your diligence.
Happy Holidays
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What kind of solutions can be provided by IMDb community, with contributors from all around the world, for a problem which appears to be solely a Californian law matter, and not related to IMDb "Data issues & Policy discussions"?
My question is candid, please give some hints of the types of solutions you expect from us.
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Thank goodness Noel is working to finally put an end to this fraudulent scam. I personally know the individual who lost $5,000 in travel expenses to this man, along with intellectual property. I know others as well. My daughter was remotely “cast” in Tykarindom as well. We have seen four or five girls replace her (in that same role) since she dropped out. It’s a revolving door of disappointment and abuse. As the acting community here on IMDb, we have a duty to protect our fellow actors, especially the children, from this disgrace. IMDb...PLEASE, also look into Dr. Xi Lee as well. I believe them to be the same person or connected in some way. They were both based out of Denver/Boulder, CO at the same time. If you click on the website for his film, “House of Xi,” and look around a bit, you will see it is basically casting all teen girls, internationally, for questionable roles. Scroll down. It is horrifying. Are you promoting this? I have seen the script. It is disgustingly inappropriate for children. One director grooms them for the next? I know speculation is not good, but when we are dealing with these types of infractions against minors, and we have evidence of disturbing behavior, how can we NOT speak out?
Bringing light to this situation here, on IMDb, is indeed bringing the “survivors” together. And trust me...we are NUMEROUS. Thank you for this platform.
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I shall inform Sprinklr if you like Noel?

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