How many reviews do you need to write to receive the Top Reviewer badge?

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I have written 302 reviews so far and I was just wondering how many reviews do you need to write in order to receive the badge?

Thanks for your help.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Reviewers don't know anything apart from the fact that they have the badge and occasionally, user ACT-1 tells us who's got the top number of written reviews. But there's no ranking published, no way to know where 5000, 2000, 1500, 1000 or 500 stands in that current Top 1000...
Reviews aren't even considered data to begin with...

So all you have to do is "aim for the 500" but don't insist on it, just keep writing, if you focus too much on the badge, it'll affect your writing... I hate the way they allowed short reviews now, anyone can get to 1000 pretty quickly if all  the  reviews consists on one or two sentences. Anyone can get the badge now, but earning it is different.

Good luck!
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There is also a person that has about ten template reviews.
They are all around four paragraphs long give or take.
They have reused them around 5000 or more times.
They just fill in the appropriate names and do minor tweaks to make it fit the title.
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You want to see this list again ? ?
Sun Jun 8 2003  - 23,485 titles - 23,773 Reviews
Sat Nov 25 2006  - 11 titles - 16,398 Reviews
Fri Jan 30 2009  - 16,756 titles - 16,770 Reviews
Sun Jun 15 2003  - 16,272 titles - 16,305 Reviews
Dec 2003  - 11,874 titles - 11,747 Reviews
September 2004  - 22,791 titles -  9,808 Reviews
March 1999  -  9,759 titles -  9,767 Reviews
bob the moo
Mon Feb 19 2001 - 9,075 Reviews
Deebers with 500+ user comments:
(list no longer kept up-to-date....sorry)
Tue Jun 17 2003  - 9,397 titles - 9,015 Reviews
July 2017  - 7,494 titles - 7,434 Reviews

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I hate the way they allowed short reviews now,

For those who agree with this, you might want to vote for this Idea:
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I agree with you Elmo, the worst for me is that some reviews aren't actual review, the user is telling us is an opinion, but he doesn't write an explanation, but of course, in that case, we can rank them by pertinence, my opinion is similar to what Marco linked, there should be a minimum of 50 words. Otherwise, some users could simply spam "Bad" or "Great", or copy the same review each time like Ed Jones mentioned. It is obvious that it is hard to avoid to be repetitive when you don't want to spoil, because when you find a movie good, you often relate to the characters, find that the screenplay is deep, etc. In fact, for me, that is the hardest to achieve, to write useful reviews without spoiling anything.

In conclusion, there should be procedures to avoid spam or over short reviews.