How to add film restoration credits to older movies

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I've worked as the lead restoration artist on several older films.  How can I add that credit?  It's particularly a problem when the film is older than I am, as I'll get an error message stating I couldn't have worked on a film that was made before I was born.  
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Note:  I'm not affiliated with IMDb, and I'm not an expert (in fact I have very little understanding of these matters).  I hope a staff member or rep or an expert volunteer will reply with better advice.

I don't know if this will help, but have the re-release dates and related attributes been added to the title data?  (Click the "Release Dates" link in the title page sidebar.)  The Release Dates submission guide's "Attributes for re-releases" section says the "(re-release)"  attribute can be used for wide theatrical re-releases, and there is also a "(restored version)"  attribute.

If you worked on any non-theatrical re-releases, then please note also the following edited excerpt from a credit eligibility help page.  (I've edited this excerpt to focus on the points that I've underlined.  Please refer to the original text on the page.)

"... There are certain types of credits that [IMDb] do not list unless they are specifically credited on-screen: these include work on [...] non-theatrical versions (e.g. [...] digital restoration work etc.) [...]. [IMDb] do not list these credits unless the person has received an on-screen credit for his work in the original theatrical version ...."

All of this may or may not be perfectly clear.  There may be exceptions and specific situations that the available documentation might not entirely explain.  Obviously, I don't entirely understand the rules.  I hope an expert will reply to discuss current rules and practices regarding restoration credits.
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I have this same problem.  There used to be restoration versions for the films I worked on listed in imdb and my credits were included.  Those restoration versions were removed from imdb and no restored version attribute was added to the original films.  These are major films such as "Touch of Evil", "Vertigo", and "Rear Window".  The unfair part is if the person who worked on the film was born before the release of film they are allowed to add their credit with an extra attribute added to their credit such as "Editor" (1998 Restoration).  If the person was born after the original release of the film that credit is not accepted.  I find this very unfair and a serious glitch in the system that needs to be addressed.  Work was done by individuals on these restored films and credit should be allowed for this work.  I hope someone from IMDB will see this post and address these issues.
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IMDb records the credits as shown on the Original showing of the film. As Henry C., and IMDb employee specified in the thread :
As mentioned by others, we list credits as they appear on-screen in the original version of a film/show. If someone gets a credit on-screen, we normally list the entry on the corresponding IMDb page. Original version means the film as it was when it first premiered or was screened to the public. So retroactive changes (to the content or credits)  are not be eligible: if a name is added to the film after the film premiered or was screened, the name should not/will not be listed.
This is confirmed in the FAQ What kind of credits are eligible to be included in the database? which states:
Please also be aware that there are certain types of credits that we do not list unless they are specifically credited on-screen: these include work on marketing elements of a film (work on key art, trailers etc.), or on non-theatrical versions (e.g. DVD authoring, supplemental materials, captioning, re-editing for video, telecine and digital restoration work etc.), or on localized releases (dubbing, dialogue translation/editing on foreign versions etc.). We do not list these credits unless the person has received an on-screen credit for his work in the original theatrical version of the film (not on the homevideo version).
Since your work is definitely not on the Original version, I don't believe this work is valid for inclusion in your filmography.  I  think your best bet is to add this as Other Work. It won't show up on the Title page, but at least it will be recorded in the database.
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Thanks for your reply but there is still some ambiguity.  I understand the policy you a referring to and will add my work to the Other Work section but this policy is not being applied equally to others as I have pointed out in my previous response. 

For example - The issue of the allowance of other credits of people who just happened to be born before the film was released (or people who have not entered their birth date in IMDB) and who did not work on the original version but still remain on that films IMDB page.  This is what I am referring to in my original response.  See this film for an example- 

There are multiple restoration credits but when I try to add my name I cannot as I was born after the film was released.  My name was originally on these credits and removed without explanation while the others remain due to their birth date or lack of birth date information in IMDB.  Also the restoration versions of my mentioned films originally existed and were removed a few years ago without any explanation.

"Touch of Evil" was released as the re-edited version theatrically with new on screen credits as were the other remastered films I worked on such as "Vertigo" and "Rear Window". 

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Just because there are errors on other pages does not mean yours should have errors added. Instead you should submit requests to correct them.

The age thing really is not connected to the issue. It's not meant for enforcing that rule specifically. It is there to stop submissions being made in error.

People don't always know the guidelines when submitting information and even if they do, some try to sneak stuff in that does not belong.
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Shouldn't it just work like this:  ?

Star Wars has a ton of credits for the 1997 special edition added to it, they all simply require the notation for which edition they were in

Or maybe I'm misunderstanding this
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Vincent thanks for your reply and understanding.

I will try to add these credits again like this and if they don't go through I will contact IMDB through my Pro subscription.
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Welcome to my nightmare. I cited big budget film restorations but the editors like their power trips.


I've submitted the same updates 3 times, added the "uncredited" the fourth time, and they just don't care.

Count down until IMDB employee "Will" moves my comment or closes it despite it's relation to this discussion.

And Harry, IMDBPro won't do shit either
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Actually, if you re-read the thread you linked at, Will basically indicated why they are not accepting your submissions. when he said
[W]e do not currently have the functionality to provide version support though this is something we would like to offer at some point in the future. This isn't in any current road map though, apologies. In light of this we are retaining existing credits to migrate once this feature has become available
In other words, they are not accepting your submissions because they don't meet the criteria for currently valid IMDb credits. Resubmitting invalid data after you have been informed why they are invalid will not get them accepted, and may get you barred from adding data.

IMDb has frequently stated that pointing out other similar items that were accepted will not be considered in assessing new invalid items. Will further stated that IMDb hopes to create a system for version-specific credits in the future, and since the version-specific credits you pointed out made it to the database, they have decided to retain them so they can be moved to the new system when it is created (which will likely not be for a considerable time).

To put it bluntly:
  • The credits you are submitting are not valid at this time.
  • Resubmitting them will not get them accepted, but may harm your credibility as a good submitter.
  • Pointing out similar invalid credits that made it to the database will not help get your items accepted.

Note: I am not an employee of IMDb, so my comments are not official, but I believe they reflect IMDb's current policy.