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I do not understand how IMDb expects to have current information of the actor profiles.

I too took a long time to correct and update, some of the information is posted some not, some gets put on then taken off, then added, then removed. Do a google search to verify the information if you do not trust us; or is our input not valid to help keep your site current?

What hapens in Vegas should stay in Vegas !

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Fernand Lussier, Sylvain Tétreault, Vinay Gupta and Andrew Hall feel good HP discover 2013 Las Vegas
Added on 6/20/13

Thank you for contributing to IMDb. A detailed receipt for your update is included below. The information you supplied has been passed to the IMDb data managers for verification.

Updates normally take around 2-14 days to appear online, but depending on the type of information submitted and various internal factors, it may take longer in some cases. Please do not resubmit your data.

If your changes still have not appeared online after 18 days, it can mean that we were unable to verify the information, or it was in some way ineligible for inclusion. However, you should check the processing times page for any unusual delays, especially during or after holiday periods.

For questions on the submission process we recommend visiting the IMDb Get Satisfaction community message board.

The reference number for this submission is 130903-043443-973000 and it has been added to your update history.

Update summary

Rod, Charles
Name Correction or Merge - Add
Correction: Gupta, Vinay
Preserve previous name on existing credits
Explanation: Actor uses all four names as in Vinay Gupta, Raj Preetam Afdhere Jama Films, Kiran

Alternative Names - Add
Gupta, Vinay


Preetam, Raj of Afdhere Jama Films

Birth Name - Add
Vinay Gupta

Nickname - Add
Vinay Gupta

Raj Preetam (Afdhere Jama Films)

Kiran (,

Date of Birth - Add
7 November 1980, India

Height - Add
5' 9"

Biography - Add
Text: Charles Rod Versatile Indian (Escort, Masseur & Porn Star)for San Francisco I am from Indian origin, black curly hair, deep brown eyes, no facial hair, 8.5" uncut thick mushroom head cock, and very tight ass. I work out every day and have a tan athletic fit and tight body. I have worked in 51 videos. I have also performed for live audience in shows such as Will Clarke's Bad Boys Pool Party, and at San Francisco-based Nobhill Adult Theater and in many other clubs. I am available for your pleasure at very reasonable rates. I live in San Francisco bay area, and am open to travel anywhere anytime. I am a great company with a great sense of humor and intelligence. I am very well educated and can act as a great companion to a social gathering, concert, theater, dinner, cruise, etc. Waiting to give u a good and hot time real soon, Charles Rod.
Author: :

Real Life Quotes - Add
"HP Distinguished Technologist Vinay Gupta remarks that whenever people meet him for the first time, they are always surprised at how much younger he is than they expected. It must be that word "distinguished." It implies the possession of great dignity and nobility in appearance or behavior. Eminent, authoritative, imposing - they are all synonyms for distinguished; and they make Vinay and the NonStop Enterprise Division's four other Distinguished Technologists (DTs) sound very, very old." The Connection: (USA) 29 February 2012, by: Janice Reeder-Highleyman, "NED's Distinguished Technologists - They're Not Old, Just Really Experienced"
Explanation: The Connection: (USA) 29 February 2012, by: Janice Reeder-Highleyman, "NED's Distinguished Technologists - They're Not Old, Just Really Experienced"

1.What is your favorite part of the body? Cock and tits. 2.Name something you like about yourself. I can make people laugh. I enjoy life and people around me feel my positive energy. 3.If you could have a super power what would it be? To be able to fuck all beautiful men in the world at the same time. 4.Favorite season? Spring. 5.Favorite Porn or Porn Star? Will Clarke. 6.Where is your favorite place in the world? Alaska. 7.What celebrity would you like to fuck? Angelina Jolie. 8.What language or accent turns you on? French and Spanish. 9.Favorite curse word? Fuck, of course. 10.In all the arts; music, film, dance, visual arts etc., is there an artist that you like the most? Madonna 11.Where would you love to travel to? Iceland 12.Classic or Trendy? Very trendy.


Marriage Details - Add
'Kimberly Michelle Gupta (Adams, Downs, Tracy and now Gupta (2004-present)' (2004 - present); 2 children

'Christopher W. Crismon' (1997 - 2002)

Press Interviews - Add
"The Connection: (USA)" (USA), 29 February 2012, pg. 2, by: Janice Reeder-Highleyman, ""NED's Distinguished Technologists - They're Not Old, Just Really Experienced" - The Connection: (USA)"

"Real Guys Exposed Robert Chandler Presents:" (USA), 7 November 2010, pg. 2, by: Robert Chandler, "Real Guys Exposed Robert Chandler Presents:"

Articles in the Media - Add
"The Connection: (USA)" (USA), 29 February 2012, pg. 2, "The Connection: (USA)"

"Real Guys Exposed Robert Chandler Presents:" (USA), 7 November 2010, pg. 2, by: Robert Chandler, "Real Guys Exposed Robert Chandler Presents:"

Magazine Pictorials - Add
"Nick Young's Journal - Escort Interview: Charles Rod:" (USA), 14 May 2009, pg. 1, by: Nick Young, "Nick Young's Journal - Escort Interview: Charles Rod:"

Official Sites - Add
Type: OFF
Desc: LinkedIn

Video Clips - Add
Type: MOV
Desc: adam4adam - Real Guys Exposed Robert Chandler Presents "Real Guys Exposed: Show And Tell"

Type: MOV
Desc: gaytube - Kiran causa: July 29 thru August 1, 2009

Type: MOV
Desc: What hapens in Vegas should stay in Vegas-Fernand Lussier,Sylvain Tétreault,Vinay Gupta,Andrew Hall

Miscellaneous Comments - Add
Type: URLs (names)
Text: q=CAUSA+model+Kiran&oq=CAUSA+model+Kiran&gs_l=hp.3...185562.185562.0.187638. ZkStKzkJ558&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46226182,d.cGE&fp=c7db2670aa79675e Manic:

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the The porn filter for lists does not work topic.
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Video to add Corrections:

Performer AKA Raj Preetam (Afdhere Jama), Kiran (,

Birthday November 07, 1980
Astrology Scorpio
Birthplace India
Years Active 2005-2010 (Started around 25 years old)
Ethnicity Latin/Indian
Nationality/Heritage East-Indian
Hair Color Black
Height 5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight 134 lbs (61 kg)
Tattoos None
Piercings None

Comments There are no comments for this performer.As Performer (check scene pairings)

Movie Title Distributor Notes Year Rev Formats
Bear Sandwich 2 MLM Bears 2005 O
Best Of Charles Rod Tiki Boiz Top Bottom 2006 O
Black Balled 4 All Worlds Top 2006 DRO
Blacks on Daddies 1 2008
Blacks on Daddies 2 2008 O
Charles And Blaine Hazloke CumSwap Top 2005
Daddy Dreaming 8 Pantheon Productions 2005 DR
Daddy Hunt 1 Pantheon Productions Top 2005 1 DR
Daddy Hunt 3 Pantheon Productions BJOnly 2006 DR
Daddy Ike Is Collecting The Rent 2 Ike Adams Video IR Top 2010
HornyBoy Goes To Hollywood HornyBoy 2005 O
Real Guys Exposed: Show And Tell Real Guys Exposed Blog 2010
Tiki Boiz Tiki Boiz 2005 O
Tiki Boiz: Re-Edit Tiki Boiz 2006
Wait Till I Bust This Nutt Ty Lattimore Entertainment Top 2006 DRO
You Like It Grapik Arts 2007

HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood
Cast: Bangn, Charles Rod, Jett Ray, Jon Sonic
Year: 2005
Studio : HornyBoy
From our oversexed team of obsessed selfsuckers at
HornyBoy comes the hit DVD, HornyBoy Goes to
Hollywood, which brings the unique and perverted
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Scene 3 - The Rent Collector
HornyBoy is shocked to discover that his buddy can
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I think it's safe to say that IMDb is not going to accept a "biography" which is not only written in the first person (see ), but also appears to be an ad for prostitution services. That might likely cause the entire submission to get rejected.

To address a few of the other issues here:

The Press Interviews, Articles in the Media, and Magazine Pictorials all appear to refer to web sites. Only print publications go in those sections; anything on the web should be in External Links.

Under Marriage Details, the formatting of this person's wife's name appears to be garbled. The duplicated phrase "2004-present" definitely should not be part of her name since it appears elsewhere on the same line, and the other stuff in parentheses probably should not be there as part of her name either.

The Miscellaneous Comment should not be formatted as a bunch of URLs with no explanation or commentary. It needs to have actual sentences and paragraphs in order for the staff to consider it, if indeed they need to do so. (Also, I see that you have the same IMDb URL in there twice.) There is no point in including e-mail addresses there -- the IMDb staff is not going to e-mail anyone to verify anything in a submission.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you, now what about the Raj Preetam issue.

Marriage Details it was correctly filled out, added and now was removed, the MySpace was published but not the facebook, linkedIn page. All Aka's supplied and by the pictures you can see they are the same actors and working them personally. It just seems to be inconsistent when supplied posted then removed. Why go through all the trouble to supply you with correct information then have it not considered or their pictures?

Action Official Site Description
New #1
New #2 Myspace
New #3 m: /icafhda :rl epse-rrfordm.hetrm personal biography
New #4 pCahgaerl=e1s9 Rod - admirer's Stats
New #5 Ml en Video Productions

Add 3 akas
New #1 Gupta, Vinay
New #2 Rod, Charles
New #3 Kiran

Add 1 item
New #1 Vinay Gupta

Action Nickname

Date of Birth November , 1980
Height 5'9"
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I do not understand how IMDb expects to have current information of the actor profiles.

I too took a long time to correct and update, some of the information is posted some not, some gets put on then taken off, then added, then removed. Do a google search to verify the information if you do not trust us; or is our input not valid to help keep your site current?
Your input is not valid.

Before I get to that, it appears to me that you have 2 IMDb name pages, and one person should only have one page. You show a submitted update to Charles Rod in your post, but there is also Raj Preetam with a 'nickname' of Rod Charles. If both of these pages are about you, you should merge them.

Now to the problems with your submission:

1) Name Change:
You gave no reason why the Primary Name should be changed from Rod Charles to Vinay Gupta. The Primary name Section of the Submission Guide: Names states:
General Rule: The primary name for a person in the IMDb is the one by which they are most often credited.
If someone has changed their name and is planning to use the new name in future, IMDb will allow a change even though they may not yet have credits in the new name, but it is essential to indicate that the new name will be the main one henceforth. You have implied this is not the case for you.

2) Alternative Names:
This section is not currently being updated, and hasn't been since April 2012. However, there are still problems with this section. Have you actually used the name Raj of Afdhere Jama Films Preetam? I think the Data Manager will have problems believing this without evidence.

Also, you have said that Vinay Gupta should become your Primary Name, but you have also added it as an Alternative Name; it cannot be both.

I don't know why the Birth Name wasn't added, but if the same Data Manager handles that as handles Alternative Names, they may have had doubts due to the other errors.

3) Nicknames:
Nicknames are shortened or modified forms of other names or separate descriptive names, not Alternative Names. E.g. Ron Jeremy has a large number of AKAs, but his Nicknames are Hedgehog, The Porn King and R.J., not any of the names he has used.

Note: Date of Birth and Height were correctly entered and have apparently been accepted.

4) Biography:
a) The format is incorrect. The Mini-Biographies Section of the Submission Guides: Biographical Information states as its first Key Point :
All biographies should be in third person: "he attended", not first person: "I attended".
b) The purpose of the Mini-Bio is to give an outline of the person's life; it is not intended to be a promo for your activities as an escort.

c) As a minor note, the Author field should consist of a name and optionally an email address, not two URLs.

5) Real Life Quotes:
These need to be the exact words you spoke (with optionally a source/context in square brackets), not someone else's description of what you said, as the first one is.
The second one contains both your words and those of the interviewer; this is not a quote. Also, some of the words used may be deemed inappropriate for the Bio section of IMDb.

6) Marriage Details:
You should not add extra data in the Spouse Name field.

As for the second (earlier) entry, I expect they doubt that you were actually legally married to a same sex partner in 1997.

7) Video Clips:

The first one links to a gay site and shows a man stripping and fondling himself. I think this is unacceptable to IMDb. Furthermore, it is only the intro of a video that needs payment to view.
I haven't checked all the rest, but it is likely that if this first one is so unacceptable that the Data Manager may just reject all the videos, particularly since the the second one is on, and furthermore is a search, not a link to a specific page.

I hope that explains why not all your items were accepted.

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