I really wish IMDb would NOT add like/dislike buttons to comments on the message boards...

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Unfortunately, you can only vote FOR ideas. This is a counter post so you can vote against the idea of having like/dislike buttons as described in this post:

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Posted 6 years ago

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I agree this move would be instantly problematic. Add a + for NOT doing that.
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+1 since like/dislike buttons are open to abuse.
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+2 what?, this isn't facebook and even they don't have a dislike button....and when IMDb goes through with this, like they always do even when 99% of the posters say NO....i wish they do not add the "dislike" button, only a "like" button will do..compromise?..
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Well I think this is a first and I enjoy the irony that we'd have to like this thread to not get a system where you can like posts.

I am trying to think of places where this works:

* On the Guardian newspaper site they have a system where you can flag up useful replies but I am really unsure how useful it is - I've never used it to sift through the replies.

* The Daily Mail newspaper have up and down arrows on their site, but I can't really see the point (although I have only posted once or twice there).

* Amazon have a system to flag replies to reviews that aren't helpful and these are then hidden. I think that only really works because accounts are tied to credit cards, making it difficult for people to abuse the system using multiple accounts.

So, as it stands, I can't think of an example where it'd work well for the kind of place IMDB is.

You also don't want to clutter up the forum posts with too many buttons and the like.
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One of the other forum sites that I visit (one that uses customized XenForo software) provides a list of the names of users who have liked a post. (I appreciate that feature because it 'personalizes' the Likes; you can see who Liked your post.)

BTW, here's another wacky idea:

Consider perhaps a profile option, so that each user can individually decide whether that user's posts & threads will or won't have Like buttons??

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I go along with the idea of Like buttons only.

Agree 100%, you like.

Agree somewhat 1-99%, you comment and explain

Dislike any %, you comment and explain.

If you dislike a post I think that poster deserves to know why.
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We already have (severe) dislike in the flagging option.  This isn't the only board where users never see the dislikes.
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What happens when the flag option is pushed? I inadvertently flagged my own post the other day while trying to click on the edit option. I normally don't notice my posting time since I usually don't rapidly post, but occasionally when I posted something short then I had a wait time. This was during a marathon so it's not my usual style of posting, but was more like instant messaging while the marathon was on.
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I'll just add that I'd like a "like" feature that serves simply as a way to acknowledge another person's post. I really thought about this feature during the recent Twilight Zone marathon. Posting for a marathon in a play-by-play thread is almost like instant messaging. Normally I don't post that way on any board. However, there were definitely times I'd have liked an option to acknowledge other posters' comments.

I agree that a "dislike" feature is too open to abuse. Also, a "like" feature that sends a post to the top of a list of posts, like some review systems have on other sites, also seems open to abuse. Even when it's used properly it can skew the results by ranking the favorites posts because they're then in the first position to be viewed. I think many people will just click "like" again, thereby keeping it at the top. I don't think all of the posts get read that way so it's not really a valid system.

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