I would like to access "Your Lists" with IMDb's mobile app

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I have seen that some other people would also like to have an ability to access their lists with the IMDb's mobile app:


I'm currently using Android based smartphone.

My film collection has almost 3000 titles. So when I'm out buying films from flea market or some shop it would be nice to be able to check if I have some movie in my collection already.

This is possible via imdb.com, but it's pretty annoying to use with a smartphone due the big amount of data you need to download and it's generally slow to navigate in the desktop version.

I don't think that importing these lists to mobile app is that hard because you can already add movies and TV shows to your watchlist.

So could you add "Your Lists" to the IMDb mobile application in the future updates?
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  • disappointed

Posted 6 years ago

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Wake up, IMDB!!
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Keep in mind folks that it could be Google keeping this feature off of Android devices.  I have no idea what the reason could be, but I can't seriously come up with a reason why IMDb would purposely provide this feature only on iOS devices.
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I just downloaded the app, and one of my main reasons for doing so was for the lists. I'm extremely disappointed to find people complaining about this from over two years ago, and still nothing has been done about it. At the very least it would be nice to have some sort of explanation for why this isn't a feature.
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The reason I wanted to have the IMDB app on my android phone was so I can see all my lists, to my surprise I couldn't. I am.a pretty organized person and I happen to have a huge movie collection at home that sometimes is hard to find the one I want to watch. In there I keep lists of my VHS, Bluray, DVDs, Series, all of them are.in alphabetical.order and the list gives you a number, and that number is connected to the way I have my lists at home. As you can see finding a mivie can be really easy but not wothout my lists so I would really apreciate if you could put this new feature now, as you can see there are lots of people who wish to have this included. Please add it as soon as possible. Thanks.
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We need this feature, IMDB! Respond, please!
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Just switched from iphone to an android... can't find 'my lists' either.
No point to keep the app for me if there isn't any lists on it. I can do it from my pc now.

and what's worse! IMDB didn't answer in, like, two years!?
very dissappointed!
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Fader Skibet

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2 years no reply. fuck you imdb.
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My thoughts exactly.
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If not in android app, at least make a mobile website to deal with the lists, using the desktop website on phone is painful.
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Exactly my thoughts. What the hell IMDb? I just switched from iOS to Android (got an OnePlus 2) and to my utmost surprise, found the feature of "Your Lists", which I use the most on IMDb, missing in the Android app. If it is supported in iOS, why not Android?
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Great that we finaly after 2 years got our lists to Android!!! Do we now have to wait for 2 more years before we can sort and edit in our lists?
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Just an FYI: 

In the latest version of the Android app (, lists are available.

However, they seem to be in a random sequence - not any of the sorts available for lists on the main site, nor by t-const, which makes finding a particular title on a long list rather tricky.
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This is bordering on the ridiculous. Why this is still not a feature of the app is absolutely beyond me. And to make it worse I tried going to the full website on my galaxy s6 and it's honestly not much easier to add a title to a list there either. Imdb/Amazon, you really need to get it together. So frustrating, so annoying.
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Oh my god... This post has been open for 4 years?!! 

I'm am seriously frustrated over this too! I just want to have a "Seen" list and a "Too See" list. But I can't add anything to these list using the App.

Due to the lack of this option I've been trying other apps but IMDB is still the one I want to use. This just leaves me with frustration. 

PLEASE fix this... people have been asking for it for 4 years...
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In our latest release, we've added the ability to create and edit lists on Android. We will be adding additional features to list editing in early 2018.

Read more at https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/imdb-android-lists-update

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